Wireless Hitch/Reverse Camera with Rechargeable Battery by Rear View Safety

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  • No Hard Wiring – battery operated, the camera simply mounts magnetically and is ready to go!
  • Camera is completely waterproof (IP68) and has 12 infra-red lights for excellent night vision!
  • Rechargeable
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Product Description:

  • Wireless Connection – guaranteed transmission distance of up to 70ft
  • Instant Install – plug monitor into cigarette lighter port and connect camera magnetically to any metal in rear
  • No Hard Wiring – battery operated, the camera simply mounts magnetically and is ready to go!
  • Rechargeable – instead of replacing battery simply plug in camera to recharge
  • Camera is completely waterproof (IP68) and has 12 infra-red lights for excellent night vision


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Based on 87 reviews
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  1. W

    Honestly, every time I use this thing it just wows me, no kidding. I bought it mainly to make backing up to my trailer a little less stressful. And let me tell you, it hasn’t disappointed. Battery life is pretty decent and the thing’s a breeze to use. That magnetic camera clings on tight, and nothing – not even bumpy rides or travel on the highway, can shake it off. I usually stick it to the back bumper of my trailer and it lets me keep an eye on what’s going on behind the trailer with no sweat. Plus, the picture quality is pretty sharp. Seriously, you should get one!

  2. JM

    I really like that I can carry it around easily. It’s perfect for use as a hitch camera and can supposedly be used as a backup camera too. It does a solid job as a hitch camera as long as the camera is around 15 feet from the monitor. But, when I tried using it at the rear of my trailer (which is not very big, just 20 feet from hitch to bumper), the connection to the monitor started screwing up. Would be ace if I could hook it up to my iPhone instead of the monitor.

  3. TS

    This thing is a lifesaver. Super easy to place and tweak, and the screen image is crystal clear. I use it for my 5th wheel camper, two 7×18 trailers, a 4 +16 tilt bed, and a dump trailer. When I’m done, I just chuck it into a door cubby until the next time I need it.
    No more shelling out cash to fit and remove other backup cameras tied to the stereo display. This little gadget is multi-purpose and goes wherever it’s needed. The only tiny gripe I have is that the screen is a split second slower than real life, so I’ve learned to move a tad slower. It’s become like a sixth sense now. No biggie, though. Totally worth it.

  4. J

    I got this to help me hitch my trailer to my car. The magnet on the camera is super strong, but my car seems to be made of aluminum and fiberglass, not steel, so the magnet only sticks to the hitch. This doesn’t work for me because the ball blocks the camera. I tried sticking it on the trailer tongue pointed towards the car, but that shows me a mirror image which messes up my sense of direction. Plus, it’s too low down there. I can’t see the hitch until I’m really close which makes adjusting a real pain. Now, I’m using it on the back of the trailer for reversing. It’s kind of helpful, but it doesn’t have those handy guidelines that most backup cameras do. Honestly, it’s not worth the money. I bought a much cheaper one for the car and had a pro install it.

  5. T

    We got this camera for our RV to help us see what’s behind while we’re on the road. The ad said it wouldn’t shut off unless we manually turned it off. But that’s not right, the thing goes off after just 20 minutes. The magnet on the camera does a good job sticking to the bumper and it’s easy to plug the readout into the lighter. Still, it’s a bummer that we can’t opt to leave it on as long as we’d like.


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