Product Description:

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System w/Trailer Tow Quick Connect Kit, (RVS-770613-213)

This backup camera system is perfect for the fifth wheel application.

    • with swivel head mount and three channel multiplexer to connect an additional two cameras
    • backup camera provides super wide view to capture complete view of the road
    • 18 infra-red lights provide a perfect view at night – enable automatically when it’s dark
    • backup camera and all cabling is completely waterproof with an IP69K rating
    • for easy mounting on trailers – cabling runs 26 feet through tow vehicle and 66 feet through trailer with 12 foot pigtail that runs between the vehicles – easily connect and disconnect trailer with camera installed
  • Built-In Mic on Camera and Speakers on Monitor for Audio
  • Specifications
  • Installation

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Based on 78 reviews
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  1. JB

    Everything works fine together but I only gave it 3 stars because the screen isn’t that sharp. I feel like I could’ve just gotten a cheap $20 camera and monitor instead. For the price, I thought it would be better.

  2. MG

    So, we got this for our first ever camper trailer. It’s pretty good for backin’ up into tight camp spots, but it can mess a little with distance perception. Stuff looks further away than it actually is. Like, I thought I had a few feet to back into my driveway, but when I got out to look, turns out it was just a few inches! But where it’s a total game-changer is when we’re on the road. I set it up so it’s always on while we’re driving, this way we can keep an eye out for cars behind us. There’ve been times when cars were tailing so close that I couldn’t even spot them in the mirrors. The wide-angle view is super useful when switching lanes. Using just the mirrors to check if changing lanes is okay can be tricky. But if I can spot the front end of the car in the next lane on the screen, I know for sure it’s behind me and that I’m clear.

  3. TR

    Works like a charm. The picture is super bright and clear. It’s pretty awesome at night too. Seems like it’s really well built.

  4. JF

    This thing is really good! I mean, compared to all the other monitoring systems I checked out, this one is top-notch. I was pretty bummed with that fancy Voyager system, didn’t really live up to the price tag. But this RVS one, it’s not wireless, but man, it’s pretty awesome.

  5. LM

    Awesome pic, man! It took me roughly half a day to set it up on my 24-foot Jayco trailer. I had to wire it up to my 2016 Toyota Tundra CrewMax cab but it’s working perfectly now!


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