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Your Ultimate Destination for Trailer Sales in Maryland! Are you seeking a reliable trailer in Maryland? Maybe you're planning a move across the Old Line State or perhaps you're venturing...

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Welcome to Your Go-To Source for Trailers in Pennsylvania Well hello there! Are you a resident of our great state of Pennsylvania, currently in pursuit of a sturdy, dependable, and...

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Welcome to the Premier Trailer Sales in Virginia - Your Perfect Hauling Solution Hey there, Virginian! Are you in the market for a new trailer? Maybe you're looking to haul...

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West Virginia

Welcome to Your Ultimate Hub for Trailer Sales in West Virginia! Greetings! Are you currently in the scenic state of West Virginia and looking for a trustworthy trailer? Could it...

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New Jersey

Discover the Best Place for Trailer Sales in New Jersey Hello there! I can see you've been tirelessly scouring the web, hunting for the finest deals on trailers here in...

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Washington DC

Seeking High-Quality Trailers in Washington DC? Look No Further! Good news Washington DC! I’m here to help you find that perfect trailer. It doesn't matter what you need it for;...

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Your One-Stop Shop For Trailers in Ohio Hey there! Are you in Ohio and looking for a new trailer? Maybe you're planning a big move, or starting a landscaping business?...

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New York

Looking For The Best Trailer Sales in New York? Hey there, fellow New Yorker! Are you on the hunt for a top-quality trailer in the Empire State? Maybe you're planning...

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We provide trailers and parts to our customer nationwide

Brechbill Trailer Sales provides trailers for sales around the nation and even around the globe. Our primary focus is the entire east coast of America as we are located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. However, we sell trailers almost anywhere. New York and New Jersy are some of our top areas other than Pennsylvania. We can get trailers shipped to you in California or Texas it doesn’t matter. We have even sold a trailer to Dubi so as you can see the distance is not a problem. The biggest problem with buying trailers from thousands of miles away is the price of shipping, we work with you to help you get the best-priced trailer and the best-priced shipping costs.

When you request a quote at Brechbill Trailers, our sales team will promptly contact you to assist in choosing the right trailer tailored to your needs. They’ll provide detailed information and answer any questions, ensuring a positive and seamlesss trailer purchase. Count on us for a transparent, value-driven, and hassle-free experience, with a diverse selection of top-quality trailers available to chose from.

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Other Countries We have sold to:

If your country is not listed please feel free to call or email us and see if we can make something work for you!

  •  United States
  •  Canada
  •  United Kingdom
  •  United Arab Emirates
  •  Switzerland
  •  Sweden
  •  Australia

We Make it Fast and Easy Order Online

Unlike any other dealer, we make it very easy to buy your trailer online. When you find the right trailer for your needs, buy it right here on our website. Place a down payment to secure your trailer so it is here when you get here to pick it up. See our live inventory, full of a huge selection of all kinds of new and used trailers for sale ready to be bought online now. Buy a trailer online and get it shipped to your door. We will help you coordinate shipping all over the US and almost anywhere in the world. At Brechbill Trailer Sales our goal is to make your trailer purchase easy. We do in-house trailer registration and trailer financing. Trailer delivery and pickup are also provided at your request…just ask us about it.

Get Your Trailer Delivered

When you order a trailer online, buy one over the phone or even purchase via email, we help you get it delivered. If you have already bought a trailer on our website or are planning on buying on in the near future contact us for all of the options we can offer.

Why Contact Brechbill Trailer Sales?

We have sold trailers all over the place and it takes a different way of shipping depending on where you are. Most of our customers are within a few hours and drive in and pick them up. However, distance is not a problem when buying at Brechbill Trailer Sales. We sell most of our trailers on the east coast but have shipped trailers around the world. We have sold trailers as far as California, Canada, and even Dubai (United Arab Emirates). You choose where you’d like the trailer to be delivered. Depending on your trailer size and shipping location, rates may vary. 

What You’ll Find at Brechbill Trialer Sales LLC.

Here is where you can find the largest selection of trailers from some of the most trusted and well-known brands in America. We always have time to get you set up with the right trailer for you. All of our great trailers online come with a fresh PA state inspection leaving you with a reliable trailer ready to get some work done. We provide trailers to many areas of the county and all 50 states. Make Brechbill Trailer Sales LLC your number-one stop for anything to do with trailers. We sell hundreds of trailers each year along with thousands of parts for RVs, trailers, and campers.