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Welcome to Brechbill Trailers, your one-stop shop for all of your trailer needs from trailers, to part sales, and exceptional customer service, complete with a full-service center! Since 2007, we’ve been a vital part of the Chambersburg, PA community and surrounding areas, offering not just a vast selection of trailers—but also an extensive inventory of trailer parts.

Our dedication to providing a “Seamless Trailer Experience” goes beyond trailer sales, encompassing a full range of services and support. This commitment has cemented our reputation for excellence and made us a trusted choice for customers seeking reliable, durable, and versatile solutions for all their trailer needs.

Meet the Sales Team

#1 Service Center in PA

Our Service Center stands as a testament to excellence and precision in trailer repair and customization. Our team of highly skilled technicians brings unrivaled passion and expertise to every project.

From routine PA inspections to intricate custom fabrication, we handle it all . Whether it’s brake replacement, fitting new wheels & tires, resolving complex electrical problems, or demonstrating artistry in welding, there’s no challenge too great for our dedicated team.

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With a commitment to quality and mastery over the craft, we’ve set a new standard in service. When you entrust us with your trailer, you’re not just getting a repair but experiencing the Brechbill Trailers’ promise of excellence.

At Brechbill Trailers, we pride ourselves on maintaining a live inventory of hundreds of trailers, ensuring that our customers can always find the perfect solution for their needs. Our extensive online parts store and expert trailer repair services guarantee that your trailer remains in top condition. Our dedicated team of around 15 full-time and 2 part-time employees work tirelessly to provide a welcoming, professional, and happy environment for our valued customers. Explore our website to discover our impressive selection and experience the unparalleled service that sets Brechbill Trailers apart from the rest!

Part Specialist Here to Serve All Your Trailer Needs

Whether you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast or searching for cutting-edge accessories, our parts section is your go-to destination. With thousands of numbers and sizes, finding the right part could be challenging, but that’s where our seasoned parts specialists step in. Armed with years of experience and an unmatched understanding of trailer mechanics, they ensure that you get the perfect part the first time around.

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Check out the parts section on our website or visit our store. Some of the many parts we offer are hitchesbackup camerashydraulicslights, winches, tires, wheels, and many more.

Website Inventory is Live

We pride ourselves on keeping an accurate and live online inventory. This means that if you see a trailer on our website then it is actually sitting on our lot. If you see a trailer you like, we make it easy to place a down payment on any trailer we have in stock. You can literally buy a trailer in 5 minutes and when you pick it up or we drop it off at your door, all you need to do is sign a few papers. We strive to make it as quick and easy for our customers as possible. But if you like to talk to someone face to face, stop in! We have a great sales team ready to help and answer all your questions.


Contact Our Team

Here are the guys who will help you find what you need!

Quinn Brechbill

Sales | [email protected]

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Mark Diem

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Josiah Murray

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Andre Bercot

Accounting | [email protected]

Kevin Brechbill

Owner | [email protected]

Jud Brechbill

Service | [email protected]

Konrad Stauffer

Parts | [email protected]

Gillan Brechbill

Parts | [email protected]

Justin Wadel

Amazon, Parts | [email protected]

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