Trailer Delivery Options

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Get Your Trailer Delivered

When you purchase a trailer or truck bed but are unable to pick it up on our lot, we can help you get it delivered. If you have already bought a trailer on our website or are planning on buying on in the near future and would like help, contact us for all of the options we can offer.

Shipping Methods

  • Delivery by Pickup Truck
    • This is our most popular and easiest delivery method. We will drive your trailer right to your door.
  • Delivery by Semi Truck
    • This is more popular for long distance deliveries but is more complicated to unload when you receive it. I will require you to be able to unload your new trailer from a semi truck.
  • Delivery by Sea
    • If you are overseas, you are responsible for arranging your own shipping through a shipping company. However, we are here to assist you in coordinating the shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to get my trailer delivered?
    • The cost for delivery is $3.70 per mile, and we charge only in one direction. To calculate the total cost for a 100-mile journey, you would multiply 100 miles by $3.70, which equals $370.00. Additionally, we have a tax rate of 6%, so you would need to add $22.20 in tax. In total, your cost for a 100-mile trip would be $370.00 + $22.20, which equals $392.20.
  • Will you deliver overseas?
    • No, but if you have your own preferred shipping company, we are flexible and can work with your choice to accommodate it.
  • How far will you deliver before you need to get a third party?
    • There are no restrictions except for shipments overseas.
  • What is the process for getting my trailer delivered if I am far away like Florida or Alaska?
    • Same Process, Or we can get a quote to have it delivered freight. You’re welcome to provide your own shipping.
  • How can I get my trailer delivered overseas?
    • We don’t offer shipping overseas unless you provide it.
  • If I have a shipping company pick my trailer up to go overseas do you charge extra?
    • We don’t charge for it.

Rent To Own Deliveries

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver trailers that are under a rent-to-own agreement.

Why Contact Us?

At Brechbill Trailer Sales, we offer versatile shipping options tailored to our customers’ varied locations. While most of our clients are local, often within a few hours’ drive and opt to pick up their trailers in person, we are equally adept at managing long-distance deliveries. Our reach extends beyond the East Coast, with successful sales and shipments to places like California, Alaska, Canada, Czechia, and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Customers have the liberty to choose their preferred delivery destination, with the understanding that shipping rates may vary depending on the delivery location.