Product Description:

Commercial ATV/Mower Strap Tie-Down Kit, (09160)

  • Secures a lawn mower, ATV, construction equipment, or small farm tractor firmly to a trailer bed
  • Commercial ATV / Mower Strap Tie-Down Kit includes:
    • 2 ratchet straps (6′ L x 2″” W)
    • 4 powder-coated wheel chocks
  • Wheel chocks are permanently mounted, simply drive over brackets for loading and unloading
  • Double slotted E-fitting allows for proper hook up on large and small tires
  • Supports a maximum vehicle weight of 1500 lbs. (680 kg.)
  • For 10″”-30″” diameter tires
  • Use on front and back of both rear wheels
  • Kit secures two wheels

Brand ‎Erickson
Manufacturer Part Number ‎  09160

Tie Down Strap Kit: The Ultimate Solution for Your Hauling Needs

Tie down strap kit – a term that sounds technical, yet an essential component in any successful transportation endeavor. The safety and security of your heavy-duty equipment during transit hinge on it. For inquiries or any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 717-262-6383.

Erickson’s Commercial ATV/Mower Strap Tie-Down Kit, with part number 09160, is a robust solution for securing various types of equipment. Whether it’s a lawn mower, an ATV, construction equipment, or even a small farm tractor, this kit has got you covered.

Outstanding Features

Designed with precision, this comprehensive securing system includes two heavy-duty 6-foot ratchet straps, robustly built and two inches wide, ensuring secure handling. Alongside the straps, the system also boasts four powder-coated wheel chocks.

Here are a few noteworthy points:

* The wheel chocks are permanently mounted, making loading and unloading a breeze. Simply drive over the brackets, and you’re good to go!
* An innovative double slotted E-fitting allows for a proper hook up on both large and small tires.
* It supports a maximum vehicle weight of 1500 lbs. (680 kg.), making it highly versatile and capable.
* It’s perfect for 10″”-30″” diameter tires and can be used on the front and back of both rear wheels.
* Lastly, the kit secures two wheels, providing ultimate stability during transit.

Now that we have listed the various features of the securing strap system, let’s delve into the benefits of using such a system for your transportation needs.

Benefits of Using a Tie Down Strap Kit

A key benefit is the reassurance it provides – knowing that your valuable equipment is secure. The securing strap system firmly attaches your cargo to the trailer bed, greatly reducing the risk of damage from shifting or bouncing during transport. With Erickson’s Commercial ATV/Mower Strap Tie-Down Kit, you can focus on the road ahead, rather than worrying about the security of your equipment.

Moreover, the usability of the kit is truly outstanding. The inclusion of the ratchet straps and wheel chocks, along with the innovative E-fitting, makes securing equipment simple and efficient. It saves time, effort, and most importantly, ensures the safe transport of your equipment.

In conclusion, The securing straps are not just mere accessories but essential pieces of equipment. When it comes to securing your valuable items, you can never be too careful. Erickson’s Commercial ATV/Mower Strap Tie-Down Kit offers a robust and reliable solution that guarantees peace of mind during transport.

Make the smart choice and invest in a tie down strap kit today. For more information or if you have any questions, remember that we’re just a call away at 717-262-6383. Happy hauling!

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  1. M

    So far so good

  2. JF

    Straps do a good job at keeping machines in place.

  3. BG

    It’s super easy to use and holding it was a breeze.

  4. JH

    This product is very secure.

  5. MJ

    Super simple to put on. I’m thinking I might get another set to wrap around all 4 wheels (Large UTV, Pioneer 1000). Only thing I’d want differently? Maybe a webbed design.


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