Product Description:

Rack’em Back Pack Blower Rack, (RA-4)

This Rack’Em Back Pack Blower Rack is a great way to get your blower off the floor to prevent damage and free up valuable floor space in your trailer.

  • Designed to hold a back pack blower by its grab handle for enclosed trailers.
  • Cross member supports the blower’s back rest and secures the unit with the included bungee cord.
  • Bottom hook keeps the blower tube tucked in against the wall.
  • Bottom hook can do double duty as a hand held blower hook.

Back pack blower rack enthusiasts, listen up! There’s an innovative solution to your storage woes that you need to know about: the Rack’em Back Pack Blower Rack (RA-4). Should you have any questions about this exceptional part, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 717-262-6383. We’re here to guide you!

Features of the Rack’em Back Pack Blower Rack

At the heart of this versatile rack lies a unique design concept aimed at maximizing storage efficiency while protecting your valuable equipment. Here are some standout features that make it a perfect fit for your needs:

– The rack is specifically designed to hold a back pack blower via its grab handle, making it a perfect solution for enclosed trailers.
– A cross member provides additional support to the blower’s back rest, securing the unit firmly with the included bungee cord.
– The bottom hook is an ingenious feature that keeps the blower tube neatly tucked against the wall, preventing accidental damage.
– Doubling as a handheld blower hook, the bottom hook adds an extra layer of utility.

Advantages of this Amazing Product

Investing in the Rack’em Trailer Blower Rack brings a plethora of advantages. First and foremost, it safeguards your blower from potential harm. Keeping it off the floor reduces the likelihood of accidental damage, ensuring your equipment lasts longer.

Not to be overlooked is the significant floor space it frees up in your trailer. This allows for better organization and increased storage possibilities. Imagine the sheer convenience of having extra space in your trailer and an easily accessible blower!

It’s also worth mentioning that the rack is a breeze to use. The incorporation of a grab handle and an effective securing mechanism means you can quickly mount and dismount your blower as needed.

In conclusion, the Rack’em Trailer Blower Rack is a remarkable addition to any enclosed trailer. It merges convenience, efficiency, and protection into a seamless storage solution. Remember, our friendly team is just a phone call away at 717-262-6383, ready to answer any questions you might have about this invaluable part. Embrace the benefits of smart storage today and let the Rack’em Back Pack Blower Rack transform your trailer experience!

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Based on 6 reviews
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  1. ST

    It does keep my blowers in place, but I gotta twist my bottom blower in a really awkward way to make it hook up. Plus, it jams my blower tubes into the wall at a pretty uncomfortable angle.

  2. ML

    I’d totally get it again if I need more.

  3. K

    It’s a decent make, but it doesn’t fit a BR 800 Stihl.

  4. DC

    It’s too expensive…You can just use a $5 hook to do the same thing.

  5. GB

    I’m really digging this thing. It slides right into my trailer like a dream. And the blower? It’s tucked up high and nice, not messing with anything. Plus, it’s solid as a rock, keeping that blower steady and secure.


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