Product Description:

Erickson 2″ x 16′ Ratcheting E-Track Strap, 3500 lb Load Capacity, (ET-59139)

  • 3500 lb. Breaking Strength
  • 1165 lb. Working Load Limit
    • Working Load Limit (WLL) is 1/3 of the breaking strength
    • Hook Specs:
      • Style: E-Fitting
      • Finish: Yellow chromate
    • Ratchet Specs:
      • Handle width: 2.75″
      • Finish: Yellow chromate
    • Webbing Specs:
      • Material: Polyester
      • Width: 2″
      • Length: 16′
      • Color: Blue
  • E-fittings fit all E-track
  • Extra wide yellow chromate handle
  • Polyester webbing is strong and durable


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Based on 40 reviews
1-5 of 40 reviews
  1. BG

    Awesome product, I’ll definitely use it again. They’re really sturdy.

  2. FT

    I use this every week at work to secure loads in my trailers. It’s a great product, really good quality and the price is spot on.

  3. EC

    The product looks exactly like the photo and it functions perfectly in my channel!

  4. LA

    Work well. Good strong material

  5. JC

    These straps are pretty sturdy and well-made, and the ratchets work exactly how they should. I’ve got just one tiny problem with them, and it’s more about my own fussiness than anything wrong with the straps. When I use them, I have to either have the writing on the strap upside down or the locking clip upside down. Yeah, I know it’s a silly, minor thing, but it bothers me. If I try to flip the clip the right way up the text either ends up upside down or facing the wrong way. And if I put the clip on upside down so the text is right, then the upside down clip bugs me.

    Yep, I know I’m a bit odd. But it still gets on my nerves.

    Don’t worry – I’m not taking any stars off for my own oddities!


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