TEKONSHA Prodigy RF Wireless Plug & Play Trailer Mounted Proportional Brake Controller for Trailers with 1-3 Axles, Black, (902502)

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Product Description:

TEKONSHA Prodigy RF Wireless Brake Control, (902502)

  • The perfect multiple vehicle-shared trailer solution, suitable for any trailer with up to 3 axles
  • Hand Held control unit in the Tow Vehicle
  • No under dash wiring necessary – utilizes wireless communication
  • Trailer Power Module on the Trailer
  • Utilizes standard sealed 8’ blade style 7-Way connector
  • Wireless communication between the remote hand unit and trailer mounted power module
  • Proportional braking, forward and reverse
  • System runs continual diagnostics and displays fault codes in hand held unit’s display
  • No level adjustment necessary
  • Trailer braking power supplied via 7-Way Connector from the vehicle
  • Compatible with tow vehicles that have multiplex wiring systems
  • Product Not Vehicle Specific

Installation Guide

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Based on 171 reviews
1-5 of 171 reviews
  1. M

    Easiest brake controller to install!

    • G

      We’re delighted to hear that you found our brake controller easy to install! feel free to reach out with any future questions of feedback. Happy towing!

  2. CM

    I’ve been hauling a 20ft travel trailer with my van and didn’t really fancy the hassle of putting wires in my new van, or having an awkward brake controller under my dash that I could knock with my knees. When I saw this brake controller, I was pretty interested but also a bit unsure. After checking out the reviews though, I decided to give it a shot, and boy, am I happy I did! The installation was a piece of cake, pairing it up was just as easy, and using the trailer brakes was fantastic.

    Sure, I’ve only used the trailer once since installing it, so I can’t vouch for how long it’ll last, but it does a great job once you’ve got the brake “strength” sorted. It works super smoothly, predictably and never lets me down. I’ve been hauling trailers for over 40 years now, and it’s the smoothness of this controller that really stands out.

    A cool thing about this controller is that you can unplug the hand controller from the 12v socket and store it in the van’s console because once you’ve set the brakes, its work is pretty much done (unless you want to keep it plugged in, that’s up to you). I hope it’ll be sturdy, but only time will tell. Definitely worth every penny and anyone who’s good with a drill can fit this unit and hit the road!

  3. DT

    I’m a big fan of Land Rover, those things can do just about anything. They always have a pretty impressive tow capacity, at least 7500lb, but they’ve never really had a decent brake setup. It’s the same issue with BMW X5s and other European cars. In my last Range Rover, I installed a prodigy controller. It took me about 4 hours to figure out the correct wiring and avoid messing with the lighting system, but I finally got it done. Recently, I got a new Range Rover and installed the same system in only 30 minutes. I just made it back from a 5000 mile trip and let me tell you, that controller was amazing! Easily the best towing accessory I’ve ever bought.

  4. SS

    I put this on my Airstream travel trailer, which was super easy, but pairing it was a whole other story. I think it was maybe due to the LED lighting on my trailer and some weird issues with the detection circuitry on my Audi. But when I finally got it paired after a lot of work, it worked like a charm. It was a bit of a squeeze to fit it on the A-frame tongue of my trailer, so make sure you’ve got enough space to plug and unplug the trailer from the module.

    We chose this model mainly because we wanted to dodge the hassle of fitting a hard-wired brake controller and because we wanted to be able to tow our trailer with different vehicles. So now, as long as the vehicle has light hookups, we can tow our trailer with it, whether it has a built-in trailer brake controller or not. If a vehicle does have a brake controller, we can just unplug the trailer from the Prodigy RF and connect it directly. And if it doesn’t have one, we can use the Prodigy RF.

    We have had a few issues with the hazard lights interfering with the trailer brakes, which is a pretty common problem, I think. But luckily, since this is a proportional controller, it doesn’t make the brakes lock up when this happens.

    I took off one star from my rating because it’s really dumb that they can’t just send this thing with the remote already paired to the module. I mean, come on. They could really make life a lot simpler for everyone and just ship it paired up from the factory. Plus, it would also give customers peace of mind that they’re getting a working remote.

  5. KC

    Works Great


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