Product Description:

Buyers Receiver Tube Adapter, 3″” to 2″”, (RTA302)

    Buyers Products 3″” to 2″” Hitch Adapter is a reducer sleeve that slides inside a 3 in receiver.  Reducing it to a 2″” receiver.  It is constructed with rounded corners. It will not change towing capacity requirements.
  • Convert from 3 inch to 2 inch hitch applications.
  • Black powder coat finish for durability.
  • M.G.T.W. – 12,000 pounds.
  • M.V.L. – 1,200 pounds.
  • 5/8 inch hitch pin (sold separately)

Receiver tube adapter – that’s the solution when you need to transition from a 3 inch to a 2 inch hitch application. If you have questions about the part, feel free to call us at 717-262-6383. The Buyers Receiver Tube Adapter, 3″ to 2″, (RTA302) is an exceptional product that gives you the flexibility and utility you need for your towing activities. Let’s delve into what makes this adapter a must-have.

The Features of the Receiver Tube Adapter

The Buyers Receiver Tube Adapter (RTA302) is a reducer sleeve designed to perfectly slide inside a 3-inch receiver, converting it to a 2-inch receiver. Its smart design, featuring rounded corners, ensures a secure fit and ease of installation. Here are some notable features:

– Constructed for convenience with rounded corners.
– Easy conversion from 3-inch to 2-inch hitch applications.
– A durable black powder coat finish.
– Maximum Gross Trailer Weight (M.G.T.W.) – 12,000 pounds.
– Maximum Vertical Load (M.V.L.) – 1,200 pounds.
– Accommodates a 5/8 inch hitch pin (sold separately).

Durability and Strength

When it comes to the RTA302 Receiver Tube Adapter, one can’t help but appreciate the robustness and durability that Buyers Products, the manufacturer, offers. This durable accessory sports a black powder coat finish, promising a long-lasting life, even under harsh weather conditions. No worries about rust or deterioration!

Despite its small size, this Amazing Product is a powerhouse. With a maximum gross trailer weight (M.G.T.W) of 12,000 pounds, it can handle a considerable load. Furthermore, it has a maximum vertical load (M.V.L.) of 1,200 pounds. Therefore, despite its unassuming nature, this towing accessory is robust and reliable, delivering unmatched performance and durability for your needs.

The remarkable aspect of this versatile product lies in its adaptability. It caters to a 5/8 inch hitch pin (please note, this is sold separately). The adapter’s ability to suit different hitch pin sizes extends its usability, making it a handy tool for various towing requirements.

In conclusion, the Buyers Receiver Tube Adapter, 3″ to 2″, (RTA302) is a powerful and versatile product. It’s an essential accessory for those who need to reduce their hitch size from 3″” to 2″”. Notably, it does not change the towing capacity requirements, ensuring that you can tow with confidence. This towing accessory simplifies and streamlines your towing experience, offering versatility, strength, and durability. It’s certainly a product to consider for a seamless towing experience.”

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  1. J

    Just what I was looking for. It came right on time and the product is really good.

  2. E

    Yeah, the 2″ opening wasn’t big enough for a 2″ draw bar and other 2″ accessories, like a bike rack and luggage rack. Thought maybe I just had a dud, so I bought a second one, but nope, same issue. I’m giving the Reese one a shot now.

  3. D

    Got this for my dad’s 2019 F350. He didn’t fancy a 2-piece reducing hitch and this one fit like a glove. He usually gives me a hard time when I order stuff online for him, but since he couldn’t find it in any local shop, he had no other option. But hey, he’s all smiles now because it’s just what he wanted!

  4. DM

    This is exactly what I needed. The delivery was right on time and the product is great.

  5. RP

    This adapter is just what I needed. Sometimes, a two-piece just doesn’t cut it. Still shocked by the fact that local shops haven’t even seen one of these. I’m definitely getting another as a backup.


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