Product Description:

GEN-Y Mega Duty 2.5″ Adjustable Ballmount, 21,000 lb., Pintle/Ball Combo, (GH-624)

The Gen Y Mega Duty 21k Drop Hitch is a fully adjustable hitch perfect for customers towing with multiple applications. The Mega Duty Hitch is designed with safety in mind and can be utilized by boaters, off-roaders, and any serious outdoorsmen. Furthermore, this hitch can be used for other applications including any bicycle rack, cargo rack, motorcycle carrier, etc.

This hitch is designed and tested for use in the drop or rise position, providing even greater versatility. Capable of being adapted to almost any bumper style trailer and pintle style couplings, this hitch is a great option for those looking for the best way to tow!

  • 2″ Ball capacity:
    • Gross towing weight: 16,000 lbs.
    • Maximum tongue weight: 1,500 lbs.
  • 2-5/16″ Ball capacity:
    • Gross towing weight: 21,000 lbs.
    • Maximum tongue weight: 3,000 lbs.
  • 2.5″ Receiver Shank
  • Maximum drop: 9″
  • Maximum rise: 9″
  • Dual ball, 2″ and 2 5/16″
  • 1-Pin Adjustment
  • Anti-Ware Pin Holes
  • Pintle Lock Attachment 
    • Designed for 1.5″ or smaller lunette rings
  • Durable Silver-Vein, Powder-Coat Finish
  • Made in USA

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Based on 57 reviews
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  1. RC

    Great. Better than expected.

  2. MM

    My kid recently got his hands on a brand new Chevy 3500HD with a Duramax diesel engine and Allison transmission, and boy, this receiver is an absolute powerhouse. We’re trying to fit this car with stuff that’s just as robust and capable. Trust me, this receiver ticks all the boxes. It’s got a killer look and sits perfectly. We also decided to get some locking pins because we didn’t fancy the thought of some shady character pinching a receiver worth a cool $400.

  3. KR

    The coolest one out there.

  4. M

    I tow stuff every day and a lot of the time, it’s pretty heavy. So, when I bought my f550, it made sense to get a heavy-duty hitch. From the get-go, though, I feared that it might be a bit much for my truck, and I wasn’t wrong. Problem is, my truck came with a 2″ receiver, and when we got this hitch, we upgraded to a 2.5″. But after 2.5 years of use, it’s totally trashed.

    It turns out that the hitch kind of overpowers my truck, wrecking both the hitch pin hole and the receiver. We don’t even use the full 9″ drop, just one notch up. I’m now looking at having to remove and weld a new receiver onto the truck.

    They make hitches with double receptacles, and that’s what this hitch needs if it’s gonna handle heavy loads using the larger drop. It’s fine for light-duty stuff, but despite us regularly using it at 16-18K, I wouldn’t trust it with its 21K rating. The hitch can handle it, but the truck just can’t.

    Right now, my truck side is so hammered, I’m worried I’ll lose the trailer. The metal’s so warped, I can’t even get another hitch into the hole, and the pin hole has stretched so much, there’s almost room for half of a second pin.

    The hitch is a beast and has some great features, but it puts your vehicle under a lot of strain especially with heavy loads. However, the way it’s designed, it keeps tilting up and down every time you brake or hit the gas. The drop – which can be useful sometimes – isn’t a direct pull on the truck receiver.

    They’ve come out with an upgraded version with torsion, but it looks like it sticks out even further from the vehicle, which means it’s likely to put even more strain on the truck receiver.

    What this hitch really needs is to extend further into the receiver. It currently doesn’t go in far enough, which puts extra stress on the pin and receiver. Just a couple more inches of steel would’ve saved my truck. I thought about asking my welder to add some steel to the hitch when he replaces my truck side, but apparently, you can’t weld onto a cast hitch.

  5. RB

    Got this back in 2015 and it’s totally worth every penny. I’ve used it to haul a 35-foot enclosed car trailer and just last week, a 37-foot toy hauler travel trailer. My truck is a 2013 F250 6.7 Fx4. The best part is that the truck’s lifted and the adjustable hitch drop makes it just perfect.


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