Product Description:

Keeper Electric Winch, 12 VDC, 9,500 lbs., (KW95122)

The Keeper KW95122 is ideal for self-recovery and trailer recovery. It is packed with features essential for efficient and reliable operation. 5.5 hp Series wound 12 VDC motor, automatic full load holding brake, 100 ft L x 21/64 in Dia. Galvanized wire rope with clevis hook and safety latch, lift & turn free-spool clutch, 3-stage planetary gear box, case hardened gears, heavy-duty 4-way roller fairlead, wireless remote and handheld switch with 15 ft Lead and LED work light built-in. Power in/power out operation. 9500 lb of pulling power (single line-rated).


  • 5.5 hp Series wound 12 VDC motor
  • Automatic full load holding brake
  • Rope Length x Diameter : 100′ x 21/64″
  • Galvanized wire rope with clevis hook and safety latch
  • 3-stage planetary gear box
  • Case hardened gears
  • Wireless remote and handheld switch with 15 ft Lead and LED work light built-in.
  • 2 Wireless remote key fobs
  • Power in/power out operation
  • 9500 lb of pulling power
  • Heavy-duty sealed solenoid
  • Roller fairlead included
  • Lift and turn free-spool clutch
  • Integrated handheld remote with high density LED work light



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Based on 14 reviews
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  1. DT

    Not really convinced about how much this winch can handle. It had a bit of a hard time pulling a Camry out of some shallow mud.

  2. TM
  3. AH

    I gotta tell you, this KW75122RM-1 winch from Keeper is a pretty awesome piece of kit. My better half fixed it up onto our trusty Kubota tractor.

    Now, the hitch mount doesn’t take too much effort to get on or off when you’re not using it, but don’t get me wrong, it’s no toy. This thing’s heavy and wrestling it into the receiver is a bit of a chore. Though, if you’re attaching it onto a standard vehicle hitch, it’s not such a bother.

    Also, I never gave much thought to the wireless remote feature, but boy, was I wrong! It became a game-changer pretty quick. I mean, who wants to wrangle with a bunch of cables under a tractor? Plus, it’s safer this way.

    As for power, it pulled up everything I’ve thrown its way like a champ – tree stumps, stuck gear, even huge planter containers. It’s probably a tad more powerful than I need, but hey, I’m not complaining. Living on a 10-acre tree farm means I’m always pulling or lifting something heavy.

    I haven’t given it a go on a vehicle yet but considering how handily it hitch mounts, it shouldn’t be a problem at all when the time comes.

    My only critique would be that the battery cables could be a bit longer. It’s not a biggie with my tractor setup, but if you’ve got a rear-mounted hitch and a battery upfront, it might be an issue.

    So, yeah, I’d definitely vouch for this winch.

  4. BH

    This is totally worth the price. Had to put some extra elbow grease into assembling it, but managed to piece it together anyways. Time will tell how well it holds up after a few years of use.

  5. SR

    Picked one up from a rival brand – it’s definitely faster than Super Winch. Liking it so far, especially the wireless control.


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