Air Lift WirelessONE Air Compressor (2nd Generation) with EZ Mount, (25980EZ)

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Product Description:

Air Lift WirelessONE Air Compressor (2nd Generation) with EZ Mount, (25980EZ)

  • Compact, wireless handheld controller with LCD display, programmable with up to three user-defined presets
  • Single-path control: Left and right air springs are inflated/deflated equally
  • Easy installation – no air lines to the cab!
  • Reduces installation time by up to 1 hour
  • Free IOS and Android mobile app easily connects with the Bluetooth-enabled manifold
  • Easy installation, installs direct to battery in around 1 hour
  • Manifold and controller software updates provided over the Air via free mobile app
  • This application is a universal fit and may not work with all vehicles. This product features both a frame thru bolt and self tapping screw option, allowing flexibility of placement and how it is mounted to the vehicle.


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Based on 172 reviews
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  1. WK

    Had the 2nd-gen model fixed to the frame when I got the truck. Seems like the old owner didn’t really bother with its upkeep.

    I put in a bit more cash to get the EZ-Mount, and it was totally worth it. Got it set up in my toolbox, away from any harsh weather. So far, super chuffed with it!

  2. AH


  3. CR

    Installed by myself. Not hard, not confusing, pretty simple actually.

  4. MC

    Bought this along with the Air Lift 89204 LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus. It had all the bits and pieces I needed. Everything fit like a glove and the products are doing a fantastic job. I fixed it up on my 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 4WD. Took me about 5 hours in the driveway, using a jack and stands. It would’ve been a quicker job if I had a car lift. The wireless remote’s got a decent range and works like a charm. I’d seriously recommend this one.

  5. SJ

    So the only standout thing about this product is the mounting plate and the wireless system. But you still need to run power cables, which can be a bit of a pain, especially as you need to be under the car. Definitely a two-person job. And honestly, is it worth the trouble just for a slight convenience? You can do the same thing with a $40 tire inflator and some manual lines out from behind your bumper. The compressors on these things are pretty cheap and only work around 9% of the time, so they’re on for about 5-6 minutes and then need an hour off. So really, you’re better off just getting an ARB compressor. It’s one system that can handle your air bags, tires, and air tools all at once.


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