Product Description:

Dexter Oil Cap KIT for 9-10K GD & 10K-15K AXLES- 2 Pack, (K71-148-00)

  • Fits Dexter 9k-10K General Duty Axles Built After 1989 & Before July 2009
  • Fits Dexter 10K HD, 12K, & 15K Axles
  • Dimensions:
      • Overall diameter: 4.36″
    • Threaded diameter: 3.97″
    • Inside diameter: 3.59″
  • Plastic Cap is Marked 21-36 on the Outside
  • This Kit Includes 2 Screw-on Oil Caps, 2 O-Rings, 2 Rubber Plugs (46-32)


Oil Cap Kit: An Essential Asset for Dexter Axles

Oil cap kit – two simple words that encapsulate an essential component for optimal axle performance. Do you own Dexter axles manufactured either post-1989 or pre-July 2009? If so, then the Dexter Oil Cap KIT for 9-10K GD & 10K-15K AXLES- 2 Pack, (K71-148-00) is a must-have for you. Don’t hesitate to call us at 717-262-6383 if you have any inquiries about the part!

Compatibility and Specifications of this Product

The Dexter Oil Cap Kit K71-148-00 is a perfect fit for the Dexter 9k-10K General Duty Axles built after 1989 and before July 2009. Not just that, this kit also snugly fits the Dexter 10K HD, 12K, and 15K axles.

Understanding the size specifications can help ensure an accurate fit, so let’s discuss those. The overall diameter measures 4.36″, the threaded diameter is 3.97″, and the inside diameter comes in at 3.59″. The plastic cap is marked 21-36 on the outside, offering easy identification.

What’s included in the kit? Well, you get:

– 2 Screw-on Oil Caps
– 2 O-Rings
– 2 Rubber Plugs (46-32)

These components, produced by the esteemed manufacturer, DEXTER, are well-crafted to fit securely, ensuring the longevity of your axles.

Why the Dexter Oil Cap Kit Matters

This kit plays an integral role in maintaining the health of your axles. It seals the axle hub and prevents the intrusion of dirt, moisture, and other harmful contaminants. An effective kit means less frequent maintenance, a smoother ride, and increased lifespan of your axle.

Choosing this right Product equips your axles with quality, reliable parts that do their job effectively. This is crucial when it comes to axle performance and maintenance, making this kit an indispensable investment.

To summarize, this Amazing Kit for 9-10K GD & 10K-15K AXLES- 2 Pack (K71-148-00) is a high-quality, durable and reliable. It ensures top-notch performance of your Dexter axles. Don’t forget, if you have any questions or need more information, our team at 717-262-6383 is always ready to assist!

So, when are you planning to equip your axles with this Amazing Product The sooner you do, the longer and better your axles will serve you. That’s a promise from Dexter, a name trusted by many.

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