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Oil Seal Replacement for Dexter 010-051-00 Grease 9K, 10K GD, (10-51)

Oil seal replacement is a critical aspect of maintaining your Dexter 010-051-00 Grease 9K, 10K GD (10-51). This vital component, often overlooked, is fundamental in the overall performance and longevity of your machinery. Our expert team is always available to assist you with your parts needs or inquiries. You’re welcome to call us at 717-262-6383 if you have any questions.

  • I.D. 2.875″”
  • O.D. 3.88″”
  • Use with Dexter 9k, 10k G.D. Axle
  • A unitized seal is a dual action seal.
  • The inner part stays fixed on the spindle and the outer casing rotates with the hub
  • This type of seal has less wear and tear and provides better leak protection
  • OB2838051 is stamped on the air side of the seal
  • Seal can be cross referenced with Dexter #010-051-00



Ensuring the optimal performance of your Dexter 010-051-00 Grease 9K, 10K GD (10-51)

This particular oil seal, with its unique unitized design, has been engineered to provide superior leak protection. The inner part of the seal remains stationary on the spindle, while the outer casing rotates with the hub. This dual-action design significantly reduces wear and tear, promising a longer lifespan and less frequent replacement needs.

To ensure a perfect fit, it is crucial to understand the seal’s dimensions. The I.D., or Inner Diameter, is 2.875″, while the O.D., or Outer Diameter, is 3.88″. It has been specifically designed to work seamlessly with Dexter 9K, 10K G.D. Axle. This compatibility guarantees optimal performance and a hassle-free oil seal replacement process.

Key features of the Dexter Oil Seal Replacement

The distinctive features of this oil seal are a testament to its robust and efficient design. Here are some notable characteristics:

• Dual-action, unitized design
• Improved leak protection
• Reduced wear and tear
• OB2838051 stamped on the air side of the seal
• Cross-referenced with Dexter #010-051-00

When it comes to oil seal replacement for the Dexter 010-051-00 Grease 9K, 10K GD (10-51), quality and compatibility are paramount. This seal, with its distinctive features and specialized design, offers the best of both worlds.

Replacement is typically straightforward, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. For those unfamiliar with the process, professional assistance is recommended.

The performance and life expectancy of your machinery are directly linked to the quality of your oil seal. Therefore, making the right choice is essential. When it’s time for an oil seal replacement, look no further than the Dexter 010-051-00 Grease 9K, 10K GD (10-51). It delivers excellent performance, extends your equipment’s lifespan, and, most importantly, it offers peace of mind.

To conclude, the Dexter oil seal stands out due to its superior design, extended durability, and improved leak protection. Embrace the easy and efficient oil seal replacement process today, and continue to experience smooth and worry-free operations for years to come. For further inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team at 717-262-6383. We’re eager to help you keep your machinery running at its best!

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