Product Description:

Kodiak Disc Brake Ceramic Pads,10″-12″, (DBC-225-CERM-PAD)

  • Fits the 225 Kodiak Caliper
  • 3,500lb. – 6,000lb. Axle
  • Replace brake pads on 2 disc brake assemblies (For one axler)

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Based on 17 reviews
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  1. JR

    I had to crank up the trailer brake controller quite a bit after popping in these brake shoes.

  2. JC

    Swapping them out was pretty easy. I just wish they had a tougher paint job or maybe even a galvanized finish, you know? After all, these are gonna be used in both fresh and saltwater.

  3. M

    Steel backed but good

  4. MG

    Had eight launches in saltwater and my ceramic pad got detached from the steel backing plate. The manufacturer won’t cover it if you’re living near saltwater. So now, I’m cleaning it with a salt eliminator after every launch.

  5. SC

    Haven’t got around to installing these yet. You know, good old mineral brake material would do the trick too. Ceramic might be your thing if you’re frequently hitting the trails, I guess. Me? I’m a one-time per season kind of person, so I’ll never wear them out. Could’ve saved some bucks, you know. Regardless of whether it’s ceramic, rust and pad peeling from the steel shoe plate is inevitable. The brake material is just stuck to the steel shoe plate, not riveted.


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