Caliper Rebuild KIT by Dexter, 10k – 12k Disc Brake, (BP18-075)

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Product Description:

Dexter Caliper Rebuild Kit, 10k – 12k Disc Brake, (BP18-075)

  • Fits Dexter 10-12K Disc Brake Calipers
  • Repair 1 Complete Caliper ( 2 Pistons)
  • Includes
    • (2) Dust Boot
    • (2) Caliper Seal
    • (4) O-Ring
    • (1) Bleeder Screw
  • Interchange with Dexter Part # K71-181-00


Manufacturer Part Number ‎ BP18-075

Caliper Rebuild Kit: The Dexter Caliper Rebuild Kit, 10k – 12k Disc Brake (BP18-075)

Caliper rebuild kit enthusiasts, it’s time to pay attention! We’re bringing the spotlight on a kit that’s sweeping the industry with its efficiency and excellent results – the Dexter Caliper Rebuild Kit, 10k – 12k Disc Brake, (BP18-075). We’re here to delve into the intricate details of this fantastic product. Remember, if you have any queries about this part, don’t hesitate to reach us at 717-262-6383 – our dedicated team is always ready to help you out!

The Dexter Caliper Rebuild Kit, 10k – 12k Disc Brake (BP18-075): What’s Inside?

So, what exactly makes this Amazing Product stand out? Here are some bullet points to give you a quick overview:

  • It fits Dexter 10-12K Disc Brake Calipers perfectly. A snug fit is crucial for optimal performance, and this kit hits the mark flawlessly!
  • The package contains everything you need to repair 1 Complete Caliper with 2 Pistons.
  • You’ll find (2) Dust Boots, (2) Caliper Seals, (4) O-Rings, and (1) Bleeder Screw in the kit. Everything included is of premium quality, ensuring durability and superior results.
  • This kit is interchangeable with Dexter Part # K71-181-00. So, if you’ve been using that part, this is the perfect replacement for you!
  • The manufacturer part number is ‎BP18-075, so it’s easy to order and locate.

Why Choose the Dexter Brake System Maintenance Kit?

When it comes to the market of brake system maintenance kits, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the myriad of choices. So why choose the Dexter Brake System Maintenance Kit, 10k – 12k Disc Brake (BP18-075)? First and foremost, this kit offers seamless compatibility with Dexter 10-12K Disc Brake Calipers. This precision ensures not just a perfect fit, but also optimal functionality and longevity.

Moreover, the included parts are all designed to deliver top-notch performance. The dust boots, caliper seals, O-rings, and bleeder screw are of high-quality, making sure you get the best results in your caliper rebuild process. The ease of replacement with Dexter Part # K71-181-00 adds to the convenience, making this kit a popular choice amongst professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike!

Ready to upgrade your brake system? Trust us, the Dexter Caliper Rebuild Kit, 10k – 12k Disc Brake (BP18-075) is a game-changer! Remember, if you have any questions or require further information, you can always reach us at 717-262-6383. Our dedicated team will ensure that you have all the information needed for your brake system overhaul!

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