Product Description:

Dexter NEV-R-Adjust Electric Brake Kit, 12″ x 2″, 6,000LB AXLE, Left & Right Hand (023-458-459)

12″ x 2″ Driver side and passenger side electric trailer brake assembly fits 6,000-lb axles. Mounting flange has a 5-bolt pattern. Nev-R-Adjust brakes require little maintenance

  • Fits Dexter 6K Axles with Electric Brakes
  • 1 Left-Hand (023-458-00) and 1 Right-Hand (#023-459-00) to Service 1 Axle 
  • Size: 12″x2″
  • 5-Bolt Mount
  • Hardware Included
  • Nev-R-Adjust brakes automatically adjust to deliver optimum performance and braking powe


Experience Superior Braking with the Dexter NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brake Kit (023-458-459)

Upgrading your trailer’s braking system is an investment in safety, performance, and convenience. The Dexter NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brake Kit, designed for 6,000lb axles, is an exceptional choice for those looking to enhance their trailer’s braking capabilities. If you have any questions about this product, don’t hesitate to call us at 717-262-6383.

Why Choose the Dexter NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brake Kit (023-458-459)?

The Dexter NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brake Kit offers several advantages over traditional braking systems:

  • Automatic Adjustment: The NEV-R-ADJUST system automatically adjusts for optimum performance, reducing the need for manual brake adjustments and maintenance.
  • Enhanced Braking Power: Experience improved braking power for smoother, more controlled stops.
  • Compatibility: Designed for Dexter 6,000lb axles with electric brakes, this kit is a perfect fit for a variety of trailers.

Kit Components and Specifications

The Dexter NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brake Kit (023-458-459) includes the following components:

  • 1 Left-Hand Brake Assembly (023-458-00)
  • 1 Right-Hand Brake Assembly (023-459-00)
  • Mounting hardware

Key specifications of the kit:

  • Brake size: 12″ x 2″
  • 5-bolt mounting pattern

Easy Installation Process

The Dexter NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brake Kit is designed for straightforward installation. While professional installation is recommended for those unfamiliar with trailer brake systems, experienced DIYers may be able to complete the process with the proper tools and safety equipment.

Maintaining Your NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brakes

While the NEV-R-ADJUST system is designed to require minimal maintenance, it’s essential to keep an eye on your brakes for optimal performance and safety. Regularly inspect your brakes for signs of wear or damage and replace components as needed. Keep in mind that even with the automatic adjustment feature, it’s still crucial to check the brakes periodically to ensure they’re functioning correctly.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Trailer Brakes

Investing in a high-quality brake system like the Dexter NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brake Kit offers several benefits:

  • Improved Safety: Better braking performance means a safer towing experience for you and those around you.
  • Reduced Wear: The automatic adjustment feature reduces wear on brake components, leading to longer-lasting brakes and lower maintenance costs.
  • Increased Confidence: With reliable and efficient brakes, you can tow your trailer with confidence, knowing you have the stopping power you need.

Trust in Dexter for Your Trailer Brake Needs

Dexter is a leading manufacturer of trailer components, known for their commitment to quality and innovation. When you choose the Dexter NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brake Kit, you’re investing in a product that will provide excellent performance and durability for your trailer’s braking system.

Upgrade Your Trailer’s Braking System with the Dexter NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brake Kit (023-458-459)

Give your trailer the stopping power it deserves with the Dexter NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brake Kit. With its automatic adjustment feature, enhanced braking performance, and compatibility with 6,000lb axles, this kit is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their trailer’s braking system. Don’t wait any longer – upgrade your trailer today and experience the difference of Dexter NEV-R-ADJUST Electric Brakes.

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  1. DR

    Got here super fast. It was a breeze to set up. Everything was all new and good to go for setup. Even came with nuts and mounting bolts.

  2. JH

    So I grabbed this brake set for my 5th wheel trailer ’cause I wanted the brakes to be the same on both axles. Swapping them out was a breeze and didn’t take too much time. I also decided to change all the bearings, which honestly took much longer than changing the brakes. The brakes arrive all ready to go and they fit perfectly. It wouldn’t hurt if they include some steps on how to “reburnish” the brakes after you install them and before hitting the road. Anyways, everything’s working smoothly now!

  3. CM

    Installing this was a breeze and it’s made right here in the USA. I used it on my 2021 Grand Design Reflection 303 RLS 5th wheel trailer.

  4. RW

    Super easy to set up. Does exactly what it says it will. Perfect for DIY lovers.


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