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  • Make: Belmont
  • Model: AIR7312
  • Year: 2022
  • Condition: New
  • Width: 73"
  • Length: 12.5'
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • GVWR: 2,999 lbs.
  • Empty Weight: 630 lbs.
  • Axle Capacity: 3,500 lbs.
  • Payload: 2,369 lbs.
  • Hitch Type: Bumper Pull

Options Installed:

(6) D-Rings

Available Options:

Spare Tire Mount
Spare Tire
Tailgate ILO Ramp

Standard Features:

Standard features are subject to change based on the included options.

Standard features may change depending on the included options. Some features may be added, upgraded, or removed entirely. Please see "Options Installed" for details.

  • All Fabricated Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Stake Pockets on Each Side
  • Slot Tie Downs on the Sides and Front of the Trailer
  • Lightweight Aluminum Ramp
  • Dexter EZ Lube Torsion Axle
  • 205/75R15, Load Range C Radial Tires
  • 15” Black Machined Aluminum Wheels
  • 2” Fixed Zinc Plated Coupler
  • Zinc Plated Safety Chains
  • Surface Mounted LED Oval Stop/Tail/Turn Lights,
    Marker/Reflector LED Clearance and Marker Lights
  • 4-Pin Electrical Harness Plug
  • A-Frame Tongue

Introducing the Light Weight 6×12 Aluminum Utility Trailer

As one of our esteemed customers, we are excited to bring to you our Light Weight 6×12 Aluminum Utility Trailer. Crafted with exceptional precision and designed to provide ultimate convenience, this utility trailer is truly a testament to our commitment for providing excellent products. In this post, we will discuss:

  • How its lightweight structure boosts fuel efficiency without compromising on durability.
  • The range of functionalities of the spacious 6×12 size, highlighting its capacity to carry substantial loads.
  • The strength and resilience of the aluminum material used, underscoring its weather resistance and longevity.
Buying a Trailer - This is everything you need to know - FAQs

Yes, the inventory listed on our website is up-to-date and accurate. If you see a trailer listed on our website, then it is most likely on our lot. You can check the top of each listing to see how many of each model we have in stock (as seen in the video above).

On a rare occasion, we will have more than one person attempting to reserve a trailer at the same time.  It is a good idea to reserve the trailer you want by placing a down payment through the website, especially if it is the last one in stock. This will ensure that the trailer is held for you and the unit will be ready for you to pick up at your convenience.


Yes. If our manufacturers make something that we do not have in stock, we will gladly order it for you.

In most cases lead time is 1 to 8 weeks.

If the manufacturer needs to start the manufacturing process from scratch, it will typically take them eight weeks to complete the build and have it ready for you on our lot. However, if they have a unit already in the manufacturing process, which can be customized for you, it is possible to have it ready in as little as one week.

If we do not have the color you are looking for, we can get it so long as the manufacturer offers that color option. At any given time, we may have hundreds of trailers on order, being manufactured. If the model you are looking for is already being built, we can have it painted in the color of your choice, or we can build one from scratch in approximately eight weeks if we don’t have one currently on order.

 All fees and taxes paid are passed on to the state/county with the exception of the $199 Document fee. 

Out-of-State Customers
Since you are out of state, we can’t do your titling and so we can’t charge you sales tax. You will receive a signed bill of sale and the Certificate of Origin here which will allow you to apply for title and registration in your home state and that is where you would pay your sales tax.

Your out-the-door cost here will only include:

  • Our document fee $199
  • Pennsylvania’s $1 per tire tax ($1 x #tires on trailer)
  • Optional 60 day temporary tag $60.

Your total out-the-door cost on a trailer with 4 tires will just be $263 over the price of the trailer.

Let’s look at an example. In the example below we can see that the price of this trailer is $9,000. It has 4 tires.
For an out-of-state customer the “out-the-door price” would be $9,263.

The Out-of-state Formula = Cash Price + $259+$1 x # of tires
Out the door example

Pennsylvania Customers

If you are a Pennsylvania resident, you will use the same formula to calculate your out-the-door price, but you will also need to add Pennsylvania state sales tax, title fee, and registration fee to the total. These fees can vary based on the trailer you purchase. If the trailer is financed then there is also an additional lien fee. Below are details regarding the title fee, lien fee, and registration fees.

Title fee = $67

Lien Fee (if financed)= $33

Registration fees for trailers 3,000 GVWR
One Year = $7
Five Year = $35

Registration fees for trailers 3,001 – 10,000 GVWR
One Year = $14
Five Year = $70

Registration fees for trailers 10,001 GVWR and higher
One Year = $43
Permanent  = $210

County Registration fees
The counties below charge and additional $5 per year registration fee in addition to the state’s registration fees above. The $5 would only be charged once on permanent tags.
Allegheny, Beaver, Berks, Blair, Bucks, Butler, Cambria, Centre, Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin, Delaware, Erie, Greene, Lackawanna, Lawrence, Lycoming, Mifflin, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Pike, Schuylkill, Union, Westmoreland, York

Tire Tax
$1 Per Tire including spare

Yes, we offer personal credit loans in a business or personal name through Sheffield Financial, and business credit loans through New Lane Financial. Additionally, those who do NOT want to use their credit can rent-to-own with no credit check. Watch the video above for complete details about all of our financing options.

This depends on which financing option you choose. See below for details.

Sheffield Financial Personal Credit Loans – No down payment is required if pre-qualified for a personal Sheffield Loan

New Lane Financial Commercial Loans – Most of the time NO down-payment is required. On occasion a down-payment is required based on a variety of factors.

Rent-to-Own – If you are considering a rent-to-own option for purchasing a trailer, a down payment will be required. You can use the Rent-to-Own calculator to determine the amount of the down payment required for the trailer you wish to purchase. The video below demonstrates how to use the calculator.

We will hold any trailer on our lot for up to fifteen days with a $500 non-refundable down payment that is deducted from your balance due.

There are three ways to reserve your trailer.

1.) By clicking the “Reserve this trailer button” next to the trailer you want to reserve.

2.) If you received a quote by text or email you can click the link at the bottom of that quote to place your down-payment and reserve the unit.

3.) Or simply give us a call at 717-262-6383

Yes, you have the option to register the trailer under either your personal or business name if you pay for it outright. If you are financing the trailer, you may also register it under either name as long as it is approved by the financing company. However, in some cases the financing company may not allow you to register the trailer under your business name if the financing is under your personal name, or vice-versa.

If purchasing a trailer under a business name, the PA requires us to have a signed letter on company Letterhead authorizing your agent picking up the trailer to sign documentation on behalf of your company for the purchase. This applies even if the person picking up the trailer is the owner.



It is important to discuss this with your salesman prior to sending your driver to pick up the trailer. 
In order to understand the chart below, you must first watch the video above.


For Rent to Own customers, refer to our Rent to Own FAQ

For all other purchases, you will need the following:
• A valid state-issued Photo ID or Driver’s License. PA customers must have an address correction card if the address on the ID is not current.
• Form of payment
• If purchasing a trailer under a business name, you will need a signed letter on company Letterhead authorizing your agent picking up the trailer to sign documentation on behalf of your company for the purchase. This applies even if the person picking up the trailer is the business owner.
• If applicable, tax exemption form or documentation required by a financing arrangement.

Non PA residents will register their new trailer at their local DMV. In order to do so the DMV requires 2 documents, which are the “Bill of Sale” and the “MSO”. We will provide you with both of these documents at the time of purchase. 

In State Residents
As a Pennsylvania resident, if you want to purchase a trailer tax-free, you must send your tax exemption form to your salesperson at least 48 hours before you plan to pick up the trailer. If you do not provide the form at least 48 hours in advance, there is an additional $50 processing fee.

Pa Farm & Mining Exemptions
It is important to note that customers who choose to be tax-exempt for the reason of Farm or Mining, are not able to register a license plate for the trailer.

Out of state customers
Out of state customer do not pay sale tax when purchasing a trailer. In this case sales tax is paid when the customer registers the trailer in their home state.

Pennsylvania residents will receive both registration and a license plate at the time of purchase. Non-Pennsylvania residents, on the other hand, have the option to purchase a 60-day temporary tag, which is $60 and allows them to tow the trailer for 60 days before having to register it at their local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

A permanent tag is a tag that never expires. The state of Pennsylvania does offer a permanent tag option for trailers with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 10,001 lbs or higher. The permanent tag costs $210 and can be transferred once to a different trailer, in the future, for a transfer fee of $9.

Yes, Pennsylvania does require new trailers to be inspected. Your first years inspection and inspection sticker are included with your purchase.

No. The state does not print a title for the trailer until it is first purchased from the dealership. If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, we will handle the necessary paperwork and submit it to the state on your behalf. You can expect to receive your title in the mail within six weeks. If you are an out of state resident you will be given an MSO. When you take your MSO and bill of sale to your local DMV they will take the MSO and issue a title in your name.

All of the above is assuming that the trailer is NOT being financed. If the trailer is financed, then most often the title is required to go to the financing company which will release it to you once you make your final payment. This is not set in stone as not all financing companies operate the same way.

Yes, we do accept trade-ins at our dealership. However, we like to be upfront with our customers and let them know that in most cases, they can get a higher price for their trailer if they sell it privately rather than trading it in with us. If you do decide to trade in your trailer, our sales team will be happy to see if it is something we would be interested in and provide you with an offer.

Yes, we do offer a cash discount. If you choose to pay with a debit or credit card there is a 3% fee for everything over $5,000.

All of the pricing displayed on our website is our best cash prices. We are a volume-based dealer and put our best prices right up front.

NOTE: if you choose to pay with a check or bank wire, you will also qualify for the cash discount.

Yes, you may split your payment between as many different cards as you wish.

Unfortunately no. Our credit card merchant charges a 3% fee on all credit card transactions. As a courtesy to our customers, we absorb this cost for the first $5,000. However, for any amount over $5,000, the 3% fee will be passed on to the customer, regardless of whether the payment is made with one card or multiple cards.

Personal check
Business check
Certified check
Money order
Credit card
Debit card
Bank wire – for our wire information give us a call at 717-262-6383


De-rating a trailer refers to the process of lowering its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). This means that the trailer is no longer legally permitted to carry as much weight as it was originally designed to. It’s important to note that the physical structure of the trailer itself is not altered during this process, rather, the change is reflected in the GVWR listed on the trailer’s VIN sticker and title. While the trailer may still be capable of carrying its original weight, it is illegal to do so once it has been de-rated.

$250. This price includes the cost of the replacement MSO and VIN sticker.

This will depend on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers such as Bwise allow re-rating the GVWR of a trailer after titling, but many of our other manufacturers, such as EBY and BigTex, do not. If the manufacturer permits re-rating the GVWR of your trailer, there is some paperwork you will need to file with the state as well as accompanying fees. Anyone on our trailer sales team will be happy to advise you on your options for your particular trailer.

GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and represents the maximum weight a trailer is designed to carry, including the trailer’s own weight and the weight of any cargo. It is determined by the manufacturer and can be found on the trailer’s VIN Sticker, which is usually located on the tongue or front of the trailer.

Payload is the weight of the cargo and any additional equipment that a trailer can legally carry. It is calculated by subtracting the trailer’s “empty weight” from the GVWR. For example, if a vehicle has a GVWR of 10,000 pounds, and an empty weight of 3,000 pounds, then its payload capacity would be 7,000 pounds.

If your trailer has the adjustable channel coupler and you wish to have a pintle ring instead of the ball coupler, we will gladly swap it out for you at no charge. If your trailer has a welded on coupler, we can modify it in our shop and your salesperson can give you pricing on that.

Some do, and some do not. Each listing will specify if the spare is included in the “Options” tab. If the unit DOES include a spare tire, then it will say so in the options section as seen in the example image below.

spare tire answer

In most cases we can have the manufacturer print a replacement MSO for trailers we have sold. The cost is $250. Contact our trailer sales team to begin the process.

When all of the paperwork is prepared in advance, and payment has been made by cash, check, wire, or card, the checkout process takes only 15-30 minutes.

Financed deals, Rent to own deals, and tax-exempt deals typically take longer to process- around 45 min-1.5 hours

Businesss Hours

Yes, we do offer delivery through some third-party shippers. Delivery service starts at $3.70 a mile one way, plus a $50 prep fee. There may be other costs we incur depending on the trailer’s destination and region through which it travels. Contact our trailer sales team for a quote on delivery to your location.

To determine if your truck is strong enough to tow the trailer you want, you need to verify that the “Towing Capacity” of your vehicle is greater than or equal to the GVWR of the trailer you are looking to purchase.

This can be a difficult question because so many variables are involved, such as your bed size, engine, transmission, trim package, and whether you drive a 4×4 or 2×4 truck. All these things can affect your towing capacity.

For a general idea, you can do a google search just like you see in the example image below, but insert the year, make, and model of your vehicle. The best way to know for certain is to check your owner’s manual or call your local dealer, give them the VIN#, and they can let you know exactly.

google tow capasity

The DOT requires manufacturers to equip any trailers over 3,000# GVWR with brakes.

If your trailer has brakes, your vehicle needs to have a brake controller to actuate the trailer brakes.

Some newer model vehicles are equipped with OEM brake controllers from the factory. If your vehicle does not have a factory trailer brake controller, we carry a variety of options in stock and our shop technicians install them routinely. Your salesperson can assist you in verifying if you need to have a brake controller installed, and availability and pricing for installation on your particular vehicle.

Trailers with brakes can be pulled without a brake controller because the brakes will just freewheel without a controller to actuate them, HOWEVER,  DOING SO WILL INCREASE YOUR RISK OF AN ACCIDENT AND ACCOMPANYING LIABILITY.

Absolutely! We carry brake controllers and installation kits for most vehicles and in many cases, our shop can install a brake controller on your vehicle while we complete the paperwork for your new trailer. Your salesperson can assist you in obtaining availability and pricing on a brake controller installation on your particular vehicle.

Parts Store

Visit our trailer parts store online or in person!

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency and Durability of the Light Weight Aluminum Utility Trailer

Allow us to introduce you to something truly remarkable – the Light Weight 6×12 Aluminum Utility Trailer. This isn’t just any utility trailer; it revolutionizes the concept of fuel efficiency and style. Yes, you heard it right! Imagine a utility trailer that actively supports the cause of fuel conservation while simultaneously enduring the brute force of heavy loads. Exciting, isn’t it?

  • Lightweight Structure: This exceptionally light Belmont AIR7312 model, tipping the scales at a mere 630 lbs. The secret to this impressive lightness? An all-fabricated aluminum construction playing a substantial role, along with contributing factors like elegant aluminum wheels and an A-Frame tongue.
  • Fuel Efficiency: What does a lightweight structure mean for you? Simple – incredible fuel efficiency, of course! The reduced weight translates into less fuel burned during transit. This smart design considerably impacts your vehicle’s fuel consumption, giving its engine a breather and a notable boost in efficiency. No matter how far your journey takes you, be rest assured that this unit will conserve way more fuel than traditional models.
  • Durability: Now, don’t mistake the lightweight attribute for fragility. Our utility trailer stands strong in the face of hefty loads, boasting a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 2,999 lbs. and an axle capacity of 3,500 lbs. Aluminum, the central component of the frame, is a symbol of strength, rust resistance, and superior durability. Rest assured, the Light Weight 6×12 Aluminum Utility Trailer is a substantial investment that can endure the passing of time with grace.
  • Lightweight Aluminum Ramp: With the lightweight aluminum ramp, loading and offloading stuff will be as easy as pie.

This harmonious blend of light components and hardy durability makes this model a cut above the rest, turning it into an enviable investment for you as a consumer. Don’t you think it’s time to make a wise decision?


Maximizing Functionalities with the Spacious 6×12 Size of the Aluminum Trailer

Let me tell you why the light Weight 6×12 Aluminum Utility Trailer is something you can’t miss out on. One of its standout features is its generous 6×12 size! My friends, this size isn’t just generous; it’s designed to efficiently and securely carry hefty loads. Combine that with how lightweight the trailer is, and you’ve got yourself an incredibly versatile trailer with a wide array of functionalities.

  • Exceptional Loading Size: Picture this, the Belmont AIR7312 model has a length of 12.5 feet and a width of 73″. That’s a whole lot of loading space! Whether you’ve got household appliances, landscaping materials, bikes, ATVs – whatever you need to move, this trailer can handle it. Its versatility is mind-boggling!
  • Substantial Payload: Now, here’s the kicker: the trailer can carry up to 2,369 lbs! Imagine just how much that 6×12 space, coupled with such a high payload, adds to its functionality. Whether you’re a homeowner, landscaper, or a thrill-seeker, the spacious 6×12 size is designed with your needs in mind.
  • Plenty of Tie Down Options (Stake pockets and Slot Tie Downs): It goes without saying that your load needs to be secure. That’s why this aluminum trailer is equipped with numerous tie-down options – stake pockets on each side and slot tie-downs at the front and sides. You can breathe easy knowing your load will stay in place during transit.
  • Aluminum Ramp: We haven’t forgotten about those bigger or more challenging items you need to load. That’s why we included a lightweight, but robust, aluminum ramp. It’s designed to leverage the large loading space and make your life easier.

So here’s my final note: The spacious 6×12 size of the Belmont AIR7312 model isn’t just about dimensions—it’s about freedom, flexibility, and secure load management. Whatever your needs are, whether commercial or personal, rest assured there will always be room in our Light Weight 6×12 Aluminum Utility Trailer.


Lightweight Structure and Fuel Efficiency

Imagine hitting the road with my lightweight Aluminum Utility Trailer in tow. You’ll notice the difference at the gas pump because unlike other trailers, it doesn’t drag your vehicle down. That means more miles per gallon, and more money in your pocket. Feels good, doesn’t it?

The 6×12 Size and its Range of Functionalities

Think about the possibilities with my 6×12 Aluminum Utility Trailer. It’s spacious, alright! And the beauty of this space is its versatility. Whether you’re moving, camping, or working, this trailer adapts to your needs like a chameleon. It’s practically a Swiss Army knife on wheels!

Why choose Brechbill Trailers? Is it for the exceptional quality? Or, our in-house, glad-to-assist customer service? Maybe it’s our flexible financing options or the real-time inventory on our website. It could also be the convenience of having a service center under the same roof for all your trailer’s needs.

Whatever your reasons are, we’re glad you’re considering Brechbill trailers! To answer any lingering questions or to kick start your journey with us, give us a ring at this number: 717-262-6383. Looking forward to hearing from you!


*Monthly payments are subject to change based on your credit score and current interest rates. The monthly payment displayed do not include taxes, tags, title or lien fees.