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Buying the right gooseneck trailer is an important decision and can be challenging to sort through all the different brands, models, options and features. You will have to decide what is more important to you, price or quality. We all know you get what you pay for and that is why we will be covering trailers that fit both of those categories. Below are some of the best, most well-known gooseneck trailers on the market today! One thing you will find is that the majority of deckover gooseneck equipment trailers are very simar in standard features and options. Every brand tries to tell you why their gooseneck trailer is better but if you look close you will find that they are very similarly built. We have found that most people prefer lower-priced trailers with more basic options over the classy high-end trailer with all the bells and whistles.

Big Tex Trailers Brand Logo

Big Tex Gooseneck Trailer

It’s a popular name brand with a good price. Medium-high grade quality.

Big Tex Gooseneck Trailer Deck Over

Built-in Texas and shipped all over, you have probably heard the name “Big Tex” before. These are by far the most popular Gooenecks we carry. The gooseneck trailer Big Tex builds are great for the average farmer or contractor. They have a heavy GVWR available along with a 12” I-beam frame that is strong and sturdy. The Big Tex Trailer 25GN has a heavy-duty GVWR of 25,000 lbs. and 12K axles with Dexter Adjustable suspension. The hydraulic dovetail makes loading and unloading your trailer a lot easier. Overall these are good trailers at a decent price.

The Best Features:

  • 12″ I-beam frame
  • Good price for a good quality trailer
  • Mega Ramp Option
Top Hat Trailers Brand Logo

Top Hat Gooseneck Trailer

Top Hat Tandem Daul Gooseneck Trailers. They have the best price on most of their gooseneck trailers!

Gooseneck Trailer Deck Over

Every Top Hat gooseneck trailer comes with a low profile (Pierced I-Beam) that provides a 3″ hight reduction making loading and unloading easier. Choose between six different gooseneck models each with multiple available lengths. Top Hat has a huge selection with GVWR capacities of up to 30,000 lbs.! Top Hat gooseneck trailer comes with Dexter axles that are well made and durable. The flush-mounted LED lights are a very popular standard feature on professional-grade trailers along with DOT approved reflective tape.  The DOT approved reflective tape is compliant with policies and regulations across Canada and the United States. Color options you will find on Top Hat gooseneck trailers are black, red, storm gray, pearl metallic, indigo blue metallic, and Arizona beige pearl. Another thing you might like to know is that Top Hat trailer are built in Texas and shipped straight to our lot here in Chambersburg, PA.

The Best Features:

  • The Price, nobody bets Top Hat’s price and if the price is what you are after the Top Hat is perfect!
  • Heavy Hauler Low Pro Pierced I-Beam. (3″ hight reduction)
  • Dexter axles last a long time and are the most popular axle brand out there.
  • The best quality for the price.
  • Jumbo Ramps Option (two 50-50 ramps)
  • Many sizes and models to choose from.
  • Available Models click here!
Bwise Trailers Brand Logo

Bwise Gooseneck Trailer

Bwise builds the best quality trailers that outperform any other trailer. The superior trailer brand!

Gooseneck Trailer Deck Over Tilt Deck

Bwise puts quality first when they build gooseneck trailers. With heavy-duty I-beams and loads of custom options, Bwise trailers are best in class. You will find high-quality tandem dual and single wheel gooseneck trailers with fixed decks or tilting decks. Get up to 25,990 lbs. GVWR on your deck over gooseneck trailer from Bwise Manufacturing. Bwise is also the only gooseneck trailers you will find and be able to order two colors for no extra charge. Chose from 13 different color options when you buy a Bwise trailer, that gives you 169 combinations to pick from! Every Bwise gooseneck trailer is sent through Bwise’s new multi-million dollar automated powder coat paint line. Custom wheels like aluminum, black mod, and silver mod are available too. If you need a winch, that is no problem. Bwise trailers are built right here in Chambersburg, PA.

The Best Features:

  • The highest quality trailer your gonna find.
  • Loads of color options
  • Highly customizable with a large variety of available options and upgrades.
  • Every trailer comes with premium Dexter axles
  • Available Models click here!
EBY Trailers Brand Logo

Eby Gooseneck Trailer

Eby trailers are all aluminum so they don’t rust. The premium in aluminum trailers.

Aluminum Gooseneck Trailer Deck Over

Buying an aluminum gives you a larger payload and removes the worry of rust. Impressive design featuring 19′ main beams, multiple floor options, Hutch spring suspension, and a nose that just won’t quit. Eby gooseneck trailers are truly engineered to perform and built to last. Eby’s new aluminum gooseneck equipment trailer is approximately 2,000 lbs lighter than steel trailers with comparable specs. 2,000 pounds is a ton…and that’s a lot to save from the trailer you’re pulling, to the load you want to move. The one downside to aluminum trailers is that they are more expensive.

The Best Features:

  • All Aluminum
  • The highest quality aluminum gooseneck on the market.
  • Aluminum does not rust.



Gator Made Logo

Gatormade Gooseneck Trailer

Air ride gooseneck trailer that is a high-quality steel trailer.

Gooseneck Trailer Deck Over

Gatormade deck over gooseneck equipment trailers have a spread axle design that is more stable than some of their competitors. Dexter axles are standard witch you will find on almost all high-end trailer brands today. Another standard is the powder coat paint and LED Lights. Gatormake gooseneck trailers come with 12K disc brakes and some models come with air ride suspension. Simply adjust the suspension to whatever load you are haling for a smooth ride.

The Best Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Dexter axles
  • Spread-axle
  • 12K disc brakes




PJ Gooseneck Trailer

Premium  grade goosenecks

PJ Gooseneck Trailer Deck Over

PJ’s gooseneck equipment deck-over trailer is a lot like any of the goosenecks listed above and below. You are going to find they are powder coated and have double jacks for additional stability. DOT-approved LED lights and reflective tape are standard and they have two integrated steps that make it easy to get on and off of each side. PJ’s gooseneck trailer boasts several promising features, such as a heavy GVWR, radial tires, a five-leaf spring suspension, and Dexter oil bath axles. Dexter axles are also included on all PJ gooseneck trailers

The Best Features:

  • A little more expensive but good quality.
  • Dexter Axles
  • Powder Coat Finesh
Logo for Kaufman Trailer

Kaufman Gooseneck Trailer

 This trailer can haul up to 55 tons

Kaufman Gooseneck Trailer Deck Over

Kaufman Trailers offers gooseneck trailers in many popular styles and weight ranges. You will find six different styles of Kaufman gooseneck trailers to choose from. A flatbed style that is available in single or dual wheel versions. Another popular trailer is their car hauler gooseneck trailers that can haul two cars, three cars or two trucks. For hauling heavy equipment (such as track hoes and dozers), Kaufman offers detachable gooseneck trailers in capacities up to 55 tons.

The Best Features:

  • Huge GVWR (55 tons)
  • Lifetime LED Lights
  • Sealco sealed wiring harness

Logo For Texas Pride Trailers

Texas Pride Gooseneck Trailer

A good steel trailer

Texas Pride Gooseneck Trailer Deck Over

Texas Pride’s slipper spring suspension helps to make your trips smoother. These gooseneck trailers have a 12” I-beam mainframe and 5-foot spring mammoth ramps. These goosenecks come with a 5-foot self-cleaning dovetail. Find a wide range of models varying from 14,000 GVWR with tandem 7K axles all the way up to 36,000 GVWR with 12K triple axles.

The Best Features:

  • Slipper spring suspension.
  • DOT-approved LED lights.
  • Relatively-high GVWR.

(See our live gooseneck inventory Here.)

(See our live gooseneck inventory Here.)

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