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Dump Trailer Dealer for BWise, EBY, & TopHat

If you are looking for a dump trailer for sale, you probably need it now, so shop our huge selection of in-stock dump trailers below. You can order a trailer right here on our website and pick it up when it fits your schedule (see details here). BWise trailers and EBY aluminum trailers are our biggest sellers. We still carry all the models of the trusted Bri-Mar brand, which is now merged into BWise, a premium brand that carries a new standard of quality.

We stock budget trailers as well as heavy-duty trailers that are built for experienced professional and commercial users. These trailers can stand up to almost anything you can throw at them. BWise and EBY dump trailers are some of the best out there if you’re looking to haul a heavy load. Both brands are built not too far from our store. With 25 and 80 years of experience, respectively, these guys really know what they are doing.

BWise (Bri-Mar) dump trailers are built out of the highest-grade steel and are most commonly used for construction, farming, lawn care, hauling equipment, or hauling recreational vehicles. A BWise dump is your best choice for an affordable all-around well-designed trailer.

For more information, you can check out our pages dedicated to 5×10 dump trailers, 6×12 dump trailers, and 7×16 dump trailers. Or browse our in-stock options below!

At Brechbill Trailer Sales, our goal is to make your trailer purchase fast and easy. When we sell a dump trailer we do the registration, inspection, trailer financing, and title work all right here! We offer trailer delivery to your front door. We strive to get you with just the right trailer for your needs!

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Reasons You Might Need a Dump Trailer

Buying Dump Trailers Online: Shop for dump trailers online here and find a big selection of size, shapes, and styles. When you buy a dump trailer online you can pick exactly what you want. If it is not in stock you can get a quote and we will order it in! When you buy on the internet you can do your research to find out what trailer will work the best for your job.

Easy to Unload: The most obvious feature is the dumping ability with the hydraulics. This makes unloading a dump trailer extremely easy if you know what you are doing. Hauling dirt, stock, and even firewood is no problem for the right-sized dump trailer. Before you buy your dump trailer online you need to double-check the size and GVWR so that you get a big enough trailer to haul the capacity you have to move.

Dump Trailers For Sale Near Me

Most people search for “dump trailers for sale near me”. But did you know that you can get shipping to almost anywhere in the world? Our primary customers are in the United States and we can deliver some dump trailers, but don’t let distance stop you from getting the perfect dumping trailer for your job, or needs. Buying a dump trailer gives you the ability to unload fast and easy with the hydraulics that dumps the bed. You can haul your skid loader or other small equipment on a dump trailer. High sides are one of the many options you can get on a dump trailer, they allow you to carry a much larger load, however, they do not allow you to carry any more weight. If you are looking to haul more weight you will need to pick a model with a larger axle rating. Check out our catalog for all the amazing options and features you can get on a custom-built dump trailer. We have a wide selection of dump trailers but have a huge selection of dump trailers we can order.