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Brechbill Trailer Sales provides the premium quality brands when it comes to trailers for sale and trailer parts for sale. Since 1995 Bri-Mar puts quality first and has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic dump trailers in the country. They build their trailers and parts out of the heist grade steel on the market. Be confident you are making the best choice when you buy a Bri-Mar. With a new multi-million-dollar custom paint booth, each item comes with powder coated finish. We are located just a few miles from the factory and are Bri-Mar’s number one dealer for over 5 years running.

Bri-Mar manufactures a full line of Dump, Equipment, Utility, Tilt, Car Haulers, and Pick-Up Tuck Dump Inserts. Bwise and Bri-mar are built at the same factory on Wayne Avenue in Chambersburg. They employ 100 plus people. If you are looking for a durable and affordable trailer, This brand is your best option.

Bri-mar trailers mission is, “To build innovative products that are of a higher quality than the competitors”. Bwise strives to manufacture as many of its parts in-house as possible. This includes cylinders, hoists, jacks, toolboxes and much more. This is all possible with their state-of-the-art 414,000+ square foot facility. Also, the factory has lasers, press brakes, and CNC machining equipment.

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