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Are you situated in the heart of Somerset, PA, and have come to realize the need for a top-quality trailer, either for your thriving business or for personal convenience? Perhaps you have a landscape business demanding a reliable trailer solution, or you’ve decided it’s high time to relocate and need a spacious trailer to ensure the utmost safety of your possessions. I understand, especially considering that Somerset is a haven for those that love the great outdoors, the cycling trails, the angling excursions – it all calls for dependable trailers. Well, let me share the good news, we’re your answer! Ideally located just about 100 miles from Somerset, our dealership in Chambersburg, PA, takes immense pride in delivering the most extensive choice of trailers you’ll find anywhere in the region. Don’t tire yourself out with searches like “Trailer sales in Somerset,” “Trailers near Somerset,” “Finest trailer dealer in Somerset,” or “Where can I find trailers in Somerset.” Put an end to your search, because you’ve arrived at your destination.

Do come by and savor the distinct sense of quality and service at our esteemed dealership. We treat all our customers as part of the larger trailer-dealer family, which is just one among many reasons you’ll love doing business with us. You can trust in our vast selection of trailers, fit for every need and budget; we offer a range of leading brands including Bwise, Big tex, Bravo, Valley, Belmont, Southland, and Ebay. With such an impressive line up, we’ve got trailer solutions to cater to everyone in Somerset, regardless of their specific trailer needs.

  • Dump trailers: They’re simply a necessity for heavy load and construction work – a game-changer for local contractors. I enjoy helping them find the perfect fit!
  • Equipment trailers: Catering to a mix of personal and business necessities, they are ace for relocating garden machinery – my clients in Somerset who treasure their Pennsylvanian homes love it!
  • Car haulers: A necessity for classic car enthusiasts like you. Safeguarding your pride and joy during transportation is an absolute must!
  • Gooseneck trailers: The optimal solution for our equestrians and farmers transporting livestock or heavy cargo. A must have!
  • Livestock trailers: A godsend for local farmers. Being in the heart of Somerset’s dense farming history, I understand the need for these trailers to serve our community.
  • Utility Trailers: Perfect for home owners and small businesses alike.

Considering the close proximity to the stunning Laurel Hill State Park and various other outdoor spaces, it’s no surprise our trailers are a hit among outdoor enthusiasts and businesses in Somerset, PA. From relocating mountain bikes for adventurers hitting the rugged park trails, to facilitating fishing gear transport for those off to Lake Somerset, Brechbill Trailer sales has a trailer to accommodate every need and purpose.

Visualize this: you’re moving home, planning a grand event, initiating a landscaping project, or off to the local ski areas and parks. What’s one way to make the whole experience smoother, safer, and more productive? You’ve guessed it right! It’s with a reliable, quality trailer from the top-notch brands we stock.

Allow Brechbill Trailer sales to accompany you on your journey in Somerset, PA. Whatever your purpose or requirements may be, we promise to provide the perfect trailer, just for you!

Why Somerset Locals Prefer Buying from Brechbill Trailers

Oh, boy! Do I have a story to tell. Here at Brechbill Trailers, we’ve been honing the craft of building trust with our clients and the lovely Somerset community, all based on fairness, transparency, and not to forget, a pretty amazing inventory.

Transparent Pricing: Transparency is our credo! No unsavory hidden charges lurking in the background. We despise complicated fees just as much as you do. Our straight-up, honest pricing gives our clients a genuine idea of what they’re in for – no surprises, no shocks.

Live Inventory: At Brechbill Trailers, we’re firm believers in “What you see is what you get.” A quick click through our website offers an all-around look at our stock. If you spot a trailer sparkling online, rest assured, it’s all set and waiting for you.

Professional, Knowledgeable Staff: I gotta brag a little here, but our team? Top-notch! Years in the business, we’ve got our trailer game strong and spot on. Whether you’re stuck with an inquiry or need some expert advice, our crew is here to guide you through.

Service Center: And hey, we aren’t a “one and done” kind of bunch! Our support for Somerset extends way beyond the sale, with our service center standing ready to keep your trailer in tip-top shape. We’ve got your back for any maintenance, state inspections and upgrades you may need. Rent-to-Own Program: Now, this is something we’re particularly proud of. We strive to make trailer ownership within reach for every customer, and our Rent-to-Own program is precisely the tool that aids us in achieving this goal. You can now grab the best trailer to suit your needs without having to pay outright. Just a heart-to-heart from me to you, our reputation in Somerset is built on good, old-fashioned hard work, excellent service, and a passion for our customer’s needs. The locals appreciate our unique blend of top-drawer products and personalized client service and that’s why they keep falling back on Brechbill Trailers. Take a leisurely browse through our online collection, or if you would like a chat, dial 717-262-6383! You’re also welcome to swing by for a visit to experience the Brechbill difference firsthand.