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Bri-Mar Utility Trailer

Utility trailers are most used in the Fall and Spring and can provide a wide variety of uses. One of the more common applications is for landscaping. You can haul your lawnmower and all of the equipment and tools you may need for the day. If you have a four-wheeler, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), utility-task-vehicle (UTV), or even a side-by-side, a utility trailer is what you’ll need to pull it. Different people need different things and that is why Bri-Mar Trailers has designed two separate utility series. A lighter-duty more cost-effective UTE may be what you need if you are looking to do some work around the house that does not require anything too heavy-duty. And for more commercial users the UT is the trailer for you. The tube rail the whole way around the trailer will give you a sturdier trailer.

Please Note!
The Bri-Mar brand is being discontinued and replaced with similar BWise models.


UTE Series

Bri-Mar UTE Series Utility Landscape Trailer Black UTE-510

Bri-Mar UTE Series Angled Frame Utility Trailers

Bri-Mar’s UTE Series utility trailers are the perfect trailer for hauling your golf cart and pulling your lawnmower. Add a spare tire and spare tire mount to your utility landscape trailer so you don’t get stuck alongside the road with a flat tire. The UTE trailer is a well-built angle frame trailer with the same quality components and craftsmanship as the heavier UT Series but designed with the homeowner in mind. You will find one tiedown in each of the four corners.

Bri-Mar UT Series Tube Rail Utility Trailers

With a tube rail on three of the four sides of the UT utility trailer you can add many different attachments. This could include a Spare tire and mount, racks for your weed eaters and leaf blowers, and more. The UT Series is the heavy-duty commercial grade utility trailers capable of hauling up to 5,000 lbs., You may want to consider a UT Series utility trailer if you are a business owner looking for a sturdy well-built trailer. Designed with the serious landscaper in mind.

UT Series

Bri-Mar UT Series Utility Landscape Trailer Black UT-718

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