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Brechbill Trailer Sales provides the premium brands when it comes to trailers for sale and trailer parts for sale. Bravo trailers builds enclosed steel and aluminum trailers for many applications. These trailers are built for hauling cars, cargo, and racecars. Perfect for contractors, landscaping, and concession stands. Bravo Manufacturing has a high standard, building their trailers and parts out of high-grade steel and offering tons of custom options.

Steel Enclosed Trailers

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Aluminum Enclosed Trailers

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Why Bravo Is a Better Trailer

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It all starts with the right attitude. Our team wakes up every day with the goal of making our trailers better. Bravo trailers work harder, look better and will outlast other brands.

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All Bravo trailers have tube main frames that are stronger, straighter and tow better. A combination of Bravo Trailers’ tube main frame, top rail and front end leads to true commercial quality trailers.

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Bravo Trailers’ in frame wiring offers much more protection from road debris and weather. Bravo’s protected wiring is the best in the industry. We will never leave you stranded.

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Roof leaks are a chronic problem in enclosed cargo trailers. A combination of roof flashing at critical joints, hi-tech roof sealant and better workmanship will help eliminate leaks.

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All exterior side wall lighting and door hold backs are mounted in a steel backer. The steel backers also act as a gusset connecting the front and rear to the side walls helping create Bravo Trailers’ commercial grade frames.

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Helps keep your valuable cargo dry. Our ¾” engineered floors are fully sealed around the perimeter edges. Steel provides the backing and hi-tech sealant keeps the water and dust out.

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All exposed painted areas on Bravo Trailers are prepped and primed before painting. This, combined with manufacturing all of our trailers under one roof, leads to much better, longer lasting paint.

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Reinforced A-Frames combined with the vertical tubes in all of our front ends make Bravo trailers the strongest in the business. This means stronger, safer and longer lasting trailers.

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All 8.5′ wide trailer sidewalls include 1″ x 3″ tubing across the top of the wheel box and vertical tubing from the side rail to the tube top rail at the front and rear of the wheel box (1″ x 2″ tube on Scout models).

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All Bravo trailers with rear ramp doors have a tube connecting the rear cross member where the hinge is welded on to the nearest cross member. This reinforcement adds strength at a critical tension point.

Five More Standard Bravo Features for a Commercial Quality Product

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We are proud of the trailers we build! Take a look at the fit and finish of our trailers versus the competition. Look at the trim, miters, straightness of our tube frames, paint, interior finish and judge for yourself. We take the time to do it right, both inside and out.

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Enclosed trailers are notorious for leaking. Bravo seals the front interior corners so water and dust can’t get in. We also run the front wall aluminum skin behind the stoneguard to prevent leaks. Do you want your valuable cargo to get dusty or wet?

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Our goal at Bravo is for “no leak, no dust” trailers and our sealed wheel boxes are a big part of achieving that. We seal both the external and internal joints before painting to keep water and dust out. It’s details like this that make Bravo the best cargo trailer on the market!

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The combination of Bravo’s protected wiring and secured wiring inside the walls makes for the most reliable trailer wiring on the market today. Other manufacturers simply let both the 12V and 110V wiring hang loose which can cause a safety hazard and leave you stranded.

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Another exclusive Bravo feature is our nylon bar lock shims. These eliminate the metal-on-metal rubbing and resulting damage to the aluminum door trims. This is another example of why Bravo Trailers are built better and last longer!

Bravo Trailers Offers Trailers with Many Options and Sizes

Bravo builds a wide range of enclosed trailers customizable for almost any job. Shop Bravo for your new racecar trailer, or buy a trailer for your landscaping business. Get an all-steel or all-aluminum enclosed trailer.