Aluminum Gooseneck Trailers by EBY – 16K and 25K (Optional Air Ride)

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Aluminum Gooseneck and Bumperpull Trailers

Aluminum does not mean light-duty when it comes to trailers. An aluminum trailer can carry the same amount and yet last up to three times as long as a correspondingly rated steel trailer.

You might have run into trailer manufacturers who just beefed up their steel trailers and used the same methods and blueprints to build an aluminum trailer. That’s a mistake.

A 16k aluminum trailer by EBY.

Aluminum doesn’t flex the way steel does, so any welds will be put under a lot of strain. And unlike steel welds, aluminum welds will never be as strong after they crack, no matter how much you reweld. So why is aluminum more durable?

Durable Aluminum Flatbed Trailers

EBY only manufactures aluminum trailers, and they’ve been doing it for eighty years. Instead of welding their joints, they use huck bolts, the method that semi manufacturers use. This allows for joints that flex and takes the stress away from joints. EBY’s experience with building semi trailers, cattle trailers, and grain trailers makes them the right manufacturer for aluminum gooseneck trailers.

Tough aluminum ramps finish out this sturdy trailer.

Since aluminum doesn’t corrode, that means these trailers can last 25-30 years, constantly on the road. The lifespan of a steel trailer is nothing like that. Steel trailers will max out at about ten years, especially if you’re driving it in ice and snow. A well-built aluminum trailer costs more, but it delivers enough to make the investment well worth it. EBY has thought through all the details, down to the quality of toolbox latches. Their gooseneck flatbed ramps are lightweight and durable. Their fasteners are made of tough stainless steel, and any gusset plates are hot-dip galvanized, for extra strength where it counts.

Aluminum Means Light-Weight

Aluminum also helps reduce a trailer’s weight, so that you can haul a bigger payload without exceeding the 26,000 lb. limit for non-CDL drivers. Again, EBY also pays close attention to details. Instead of using standard tubing, they custom extrude every aluminum piece on the trailer, so that there won’t be any extra weight that’s not helping to carry your load.

EBY aluminum gooseneck trailers come in two series. There’s the 16k series, which is lighter but still long-lasting, and the 25k series, which is built like a bull. The 16k trailers come with rubber torsion axles, and the 25k trailers come standard with hutch adjustable (semi-grade) suspension. A 25k trailer that’s 40′ long could weight 2000 lbs. less than the same size of steel trailer.

Air Ride for Gooseneck Trailers

The EBY 25k trailers can even have their sturdy suspension system upgraded to air ride suspension for even better performance. Air ride will make your load ride smoother, with significantly less vibration and fatigue on your cargo. Plus, if you’re a hotshot driver, air ride will give you the option of accepting a broader range of loads, since a lot of shippers want their loads to ride smoother and will require air ride operators. Besides, air ride just takes away a lot of the normal wear and tear on your trailer that comes through daily use.

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Aluminum Gooseneck Airr-ide

The Top Industries That Use Aluminum Gooseneck Trailers

Aluminum Gooseneck Trailers have become a symbol of strength, reliability, and flexibility in various transportation needs. These trailers are renowned for their distinctive design, featuring a prominent Gooseneck hitch, and are made of lightweight yet durable aluminum. Here’s a detailed look at the top industries that have embraced the use of aluminum Gooseneck Trailers and how they have become an integral part of their operations.

1. Agriculture

In the agricultural sector, an aluminum Gooseneck trailer is often a farmer’s best friend. The unique Gooseneck design provides excellent stability and maneuverability, essential for navigating through farm roads. Its lightweight aluminum construction ensures that maximum payload can be carried, including heavy machinery, hay bales, or livestock, without compromising on fuel efficiency.

2. Construction

Construction companies frequently rely on aluminum Gooseneck Trailers to transport heavy equipment, machinery, and building materials. The trailers’ sturdy structure and the robust Gooseneck hitch allow for secure handling of substantial loads. The corrosion-resistant aluminum ensures that the trailers can withstand harsh weather conditions, providing long-lasting service.

3. Automotive

In the automotive industry, transporting vehicles, particularly luxury and custom-built cars, requires the utmost care and precision. Aluminum Gooseneck Trailers offer the perfect solution, with their low-profile design and enhanced stability. Their lightweight structure means less wear on the towing vehicle and better fuel efficiency, adding to their appeal.

4. Horse and Livestock Transportation

Aluminum Gooseneck Trailers are a preferred choice for transporting horses and other livestock. The trailers offer ample space and are designed to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals during transportation. Aluminum’s lightness allows for more animals to be transported without exceeding weight limits, making it a practical choice.

5. Recreational and Specialty Use

From transporting recreational vehicles and boats to carrying specialized equipment for shows and events, aluminum Gooseneck Trailers cater to a wide range of needs. The ease of loading and unloading, coupled with the ability to carry substantial weights, makes these trailers a favorite choice for many.


Aluminum Gooseneck Trailers have proven to be versatile and dependable tools across various industries. Whether it’s the rugged demands of construction or the delicate handling required in automotive transportation, the qualities of aluminum Gooseneck trailers make them an invaluable asset. Their lightweight design, strength, and the signature Gooseneck hitch contribute to their widespread use and acceptance. As industries continue to evolve, the demand for efficient and effective transportation solutions like aluminum Gooseneck will undoubtedly continue to grow, solidifying their place as a mainstay in modern transportation needs.