Aluminum Dump Trailer – Lightweight & No Rust

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You’ve probably seen aluminum dump trailers advertised online. The trouble is, not all aluminum trailers are equal. As you can read in our article about aluminum gooseneck trailers, aluminum doesn’t naturally flex like steel, and aluminum welds can’t take the extra strain that a trailer puts on them in operation. A dump trailer box is always twisting when it’s in use. Some manufacturers might give up, but not EBY. They’ve been making all-aluminum trailers for 80 years. It’s the only thing they do.


Custom Extrusion

EBY uses custom extruded pieces instead of standard tubing, which lets them build trailers with all the strength and flexibility at the right places. In each corner, such as at the floor-to-wall transition or in corners of the box, they place a single piece that the sides can be riveted onto and which spans the corners. That allows for the normal flexing and twisting that comes from daily use. This engineering matters. We saw an aluminum dump trailer not long ago that was just two years old, but was already cracking at the seams.

The floor of an EBY dump trailer is made of custom extruded pieces with 3″ supports every 12″, and the floor is just over 1/4″ thick. This makes a sturdy and lightweight trailer. For comparable durability, a steel dump trailer will tend to be at least 750 lbs. heavier. An aluminum dump trailer lets you haul more for the same durability, and will probably last longer, since it won’t rust out.


EBY’s aluminum dump trailers come with one of the best wireless remotes, an AC battery charger, and a spring-loaded tarp. They’ve got a 2-way combo gate, which can be in one of two styles, barn door or spreader.

The trailers come standard with slide-out aluminum ramps and drop-down stabilizers, for loading equipment. The bed has 5/8 D-rings to help tie down a machine.

The dump is raised with a cylinder in front of the bed, which is the most efficient design with few moving parts. The trailers have a 45 degree dump angle. EBY makes an electric jack for their trailers and a hydraulic jack option will be coming out soon as well.

Because EBY aluminum dump trailers are the best, they don’t stay in stock very long! But if we don’t have it in stock, we can order yours today.

eby custom extrudes

Dump trailer sides can be made taller in 6″ increments, since EBY custom extrudes their side pieces in that size.

Aluminum Dump Trailer raw materials

Since EBY custom extrudes their components, they can optimize for strength, weight, and connectivity. This particular piece is designed to have multiple other parts riveted to it or otherwise connecting to it. Looks like high-tech rocket science, because it is!

IMG 6383

EBY trailers use huck bolts, rather than welding, where it counts

Aluminum dump trailers have become increasingly popular in various industries, thanks to their unique properties and versatile applications. Their construction, primarily utilizing aluminum, offers a combination of benefits that differentiate them from traditional steel dump trailers. In this article, we will explore the various uses and advantages of aluminum dump trailers.

Key Advantages of Aluminum

  1. Lightweight: Aluminum is significantly lighter than steel, which translates into increased payload capacity and potential fuel savings.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum’s natural resistance to rust and corrosion contributes to a longer lifespan and lower maintenance needs.
  3. Strength: Despite its lightweight nature, aluminum maintains good strength-to-weight ratio, offering durability.
  4. Recyclable: As an environmentally friendly material, aluminum is highly recyclable, furthering its appeal to those concerned with sustainability.

Uses of Aluminum Dump Trailers

Construction Industry

  • Material Hauling: Aluminum dump trailers can transport various construction materials, including sand, gravel, concrete, and debris.
  • Equipment Transportation: Their lightweight nature allows for the transportation of heavy machinery without exceeding weight limits.

Agricultural Sector

  • Crop Transportation: Farmers utilize aluminum dump trailers to haul crops, fertilizers, and other agricultural products, benefiting from their corrosion-resistant properties.
  • Livestock Feed: These trailers are suitable for transporting livestock feed, particularly in wet conditions, where corrosion resistance is a valuable trait.


  • Garden Supplies: Landscape professionals often choose aluminum dump trailers to carry mulch, soil, rocks, and plants, appreciating the easy cleaning and low maintenance.
  • Yard Debris Removal: The lightweight nature and easy unloading mechanisms make these trailers ideal for yard cleanup and debris removal.

Residential and Commercial Uses

  • Moving Bulky Items: Homeowners and businesses alike can use aluminum dump trailers for moving large furniture or equipment.
  • Waste Management: Many commercial entities prefer these trailers for waste transport, capitalizing on their corrosion resistance and longevity.

Specialized Tasks

  • Snow Removal: In snowy regions, aluminum dump trailers are often employed for snow removal, with their rust resistance being a crucial factor.
  • Disaster Cleanup: Post-natural disaster cleanup requires durable and dependable equipment, and these trailers fit the bill.


Aluminum dump trailers have carved a significant niche in various sectors due to their unique combination of attributes. From construction to landscaping and beyond, the lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable nature of aluminum makes these trailers a valuable tool. Whether it’s transporting heavy machinery, hauling agricultural products, or assisting with residential moving, aluminum dump trailers offer a solution that marries efficiency with sustainability. Their widespread acceptance across industries highlights their adaptability and effectiveness, reinforcing their position as a versatile asset for many tasks. Investing in an aluminum dump trailer promises not just a robust performance but also a commitment to environmental responsibility.