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If you’re looking for the perfect trailer, it might just be an aluminum trailer. These trailers offer the perfect balance of strength, convenience, and affordability. The lightweight aluminum material improves fuel efficiency and makes hauling a breeze. Not to mention that they are low-maintenance and never rust. Don’t let tough jobs hold you back, when an aluminum trailer is all you need to tackle any task with confidence!

At Brechbill Trailer Sales, we offer a wide variety of aluminum trailers for sale. Regardless of the project you have in mind, we have the perfect option for you. Furthermore, with the decreasing cost of aluminum, now is an excellent time to switch from steel and upgrade to an aluminum trailer. If you are uncertain about which trailer is the best fit for your needs, our trailer specialist is available to assist you in finding the perfect match. Just give us a call.

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Aluminum Deck-Over Equipment Trailers For Sale

MH EBY is known for producing the highest-quality deck-over aluminum trailers. Among them, the 20-foot, 14,000 GVWR with 50/50 ramps is undoubtedly the most sought-after model. At Brechbill Trailers, we always strive to keep these trailers in stock for our customers. Here are a few of the aluminum trailers we have in stock.

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20 Foot EBY Aluminum Trailer Top Features

  • Tradesman Package – The tradesman package includes four aluminum wheels, a steel spare tire up front, and a built-in toolbox.
  • Huck Bolt Fastening System – Although steel trailers are typically welded together, EBY’s 20′ equipment trailers are pieced together using the huck bolt fastening system. This reduces the number of welds required, thereby increasing the overall durability of the structure.
  • Extruded Aluminum Flooring – These 20-foot units have extruded flooring. As a result, this eliminates the need for any three-inch c-channel cross members across the bottom. Additionally, the floor itself is welded to the frame.
  • D-Rings -The 20′ and 24′ deck overs come standard with four removal steak-pocket D-Rings.
  • Extremely Light 50/50 Ramps – These ramps are very light, yet durable. Furthermore, they cover the entire trailer’s width, providing a flat surface to the trailer’s tail to maximize the amount of product that can be loaded when a flat surface is needed.
  • Torsion Axle – Torsion axles are rubber-infused axles that provide haulers a much smoother ride than the more common slipper spring axles. In addition, EBY aluminum trailers come standard with two 7K axles. While this is most common, buyers can also choose to upgrade to two 8K axles.

Other Ramp Options

Aluminum 50/50 Ramps
50/50 Ramps
1/3rd Aluminum Ramps
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Standard Aluminum Ramps
Ladder Ramps

Aluminum Utility Trailers For Sale

When it comes to aluminum utility trailers, our go-to manufacturer is Belmont Trailers. Previously, the Patton design was owned by MH EBY. However, in 2020, Belmont purchased the Patton and began production in Leola, Pennsylvania.

Similar to the EBY Trailers, the Belmont “AIR” series is pieced together with huck bolts. This is particularly beneficial for single-axle trailers, as they tend to experience more movement while being driven on the road. As a result, fewer welds are needed, improving the trailer’s longevity.

When it comes to cost, an aluminum utility trailer may be more expensive than a wood and steel unit, however, the aluminum will last a lifetime. Despite the higher initial cost, investing in an aluminum trailer will prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.

The Cadillac of Aluminum Trailers

When it comes to gooseneck trailers, the GN25K30 stands out as the ultimate option. It is capable of handling any load you can throw at it. Additionally, this aluminum gooseneck trailer has an empty weight of 6,000 lbs and a GVWR of 25,000 lbs, resulting in a payload capacity of an impressive 19,000 lbs.

This incredible duel tandem unit has massive 50/50 ramps! At first glance, you might think they’re heavy and difficult to maneuver, but thanks to the innovative rubber-infused design, raising and lowering them is practically effortless!

The 3″ suretrack straps, available as an option, make securing any size load a breeze! No more digging through a toolbox or untangling straps. This option makes the process simple and straightforward.

Aluminum Live Stock Trailers For Sale

Nothing says you care about your livestock like transporting them in this sleek EBY Maverick LS aluminum trailer. This unit is perfect for transporting livestock, whether you need to transport your prized heifer or a herd of goats and pigs.

Equipped with an escape door on the front passenger side and a quick-release center slam gate in the center, this trailer is perfectly designed for transporting livestock. Furthermore, at the rear, a full walk-through gate allows for easy loading. Additionally, standard features include four aluminum wheels and a spare tire.

Stock Aluminum Trailers Size & Height

At Brechbill Trailer Sales, we stock a variety of sizes ranging from 12′ to 24′ and everywhere in between. Need something larger? No worries, just let us know, and we can get it for you.

Initially, you have the option to select either 6 feet 6 inches or seven feet in height. If you choose the 6′ 6″ option, it will come with the “Slat A Design.” This design features a gap in the aluminum towards the bottom, which allows airflow for smaller animals such as goats, sheep, and pigs. Additionally, the slat “A” design has an opening towards the top to allow airflow for larger cattle. Conversely, if you choose the 7′ height, it will come with a “Slat B design.” These units have an extra 6″ in height overall, but unlike the slat A’s, they do not have a gap towards the bottom.

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Top 3 Reasons Aluminum Dump Trailers are the Best Choice From Brechbill Trailers!

  1. No Rust – The #1 thing that will destroy a steel trailer is rust. The massive amount of salt spread on the highways to combat the snow can be a rusty disaster for your trailer. All that salt can turn your trailer into a rust bucket if you’re not diligent with cleaning it. Therefore, aluminum trailers are the perfect solution, as they will never rust.
  2. Payload, Payload, Payload! – Because aluminum is lighter than steel, an aluminum car trailer from Brechbill Trailers can hold more payload than a steel one with the same GVWR. On average, aluminum weighs about one-third as much as steel. This makes it a popular choice for applications where weight is a major concern, such as in the transportation and aerospace industries.
  3. Aluminum Trailers Set You Apart from the Competition – Envision arriving at your next job with a sleek, new aluminum trailer in tow. Arriving at a customer’s location with a polished trailer instead of a 2,000-pound rust bucket sets you apart and gives you an edge in closing deals.

6 Reasons Aluminum Car Trailers are the #1 Choice for Haulers

  1. Large all-aluminum toolbox: Sealed and lockable, this toolbox not only contains a spare but also offers ample room for chains, straps, and other essential items.
  2. Minimal Welds: Similar to EBY’s other aluminum trailers, the 20-foot car hauler is held together with bolts to minimize the risk of broken welds damaging the trailer.
  3. Extruded aluminum flooring: Firmly attached to the mainframe of the trailer for optimal stability, the extruded aluminum flooring ensures a secure and sturdy foundation.
  4. Removable Fenders: Both fenders are removable. You can quickly and easily remove either or both fenders if you need to open the car’s door loaded on the trailer. 
  5. Slight dovetail: The dovetail gives the trailer load an ideal load angle, perfect for towing vehicles that sit low to the ground. 
  6. Wide aluminum ramps: can be positioned in any position along the tail of the trailer to match any tire width. 

Are Aluminum Trailers in Stock at Brechbill Trailers?

Although we strive to maintain a strong inventory of units, the high demand can sometimes make it challenging. However, our website’s inventory is always up-to-date. You can view all the aluminum units currently in stock here. If you can’t find what you need, please call us at 717-262-6383. We may have the unit on order, or alternatively, we can have one custom-built for you within eight weeks.

At Brechbill Trailers, we aim to offer our customers a seamless and positive trailer experience. We are excited to assist you in turning your dream trailer into a reality. Even if you don’t live nearby, have no concerns, we are happy to have one of our aluminum trailers delivered straight to your doorstep.


In conclusion, when selecting a trailer, it is a good idea to consider its strength, durability, and fuel efficiency. Aluminum provides all of this in one package. Because of this, the lightweight nature of aluminum improves fuel efficiency and ease of hauling, making it an ideal choice for even the most demanding tasks without sacrificing strength and durability. Moreover, if you are looking to tackle the toughest jobs, An aluminum deck-over or equipment trailer will be the ideal solution.