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Car-Hauler Trailers:

Find great car hauler trailers for sale near you at Brechbill Trailers. We offer quality car trailers at affordable prices. Also if you are looking to haul a race car, antique vehicle, or just need to take your family sedan to get repairs, our economical open deck car trailers are the number one choice. Additionally, take your towing experience to the next level when pulling one of our great Car Trailers.

Bri-Mar Car-Hauler Trailers

Brechbill Trailer Sales offer Bri-Mar Car Trailers, these trailers come to you in a range of sizes from 16’ to 20’ lengths. Also, choose between a full deck or open deck coupled with the right size for your needs. We are confident that it will serve you well.  All sizes come standard with LED lighting, removable fenders, and topped with a durable powder coat paint finish! Of course, don’t delay and stop by Brechbill Trailers our sales team is waiting to outfit you with the perfect Car Trailer!

What in the world is a Terrapod? Terrapod Aluminum Car Trailers

This Aluminum Car Trailer is a customer favorite with an epic ramp design that’s makes loading easy! LED lighting all around, removable fenders, and a set of aluminum wheels. Overall Terrapod has one of the highest quality aluminum car trailers on the market, stop by Brechbill Trailers to see them for yourself. At Brechbill Trailer Sales our goal is to make your trailer purchase easy.  We do in-house trailer registration, trailer financing, and offer trailer delivery to your front door.  We love connecting you with just the right trailer unique to your needs!

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