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As your dedicated source for quality trailers here in Allentown, PA, I am absolutely thrilled! You’ve embarked on this journey to find that perfect trailer, haven’t you? Maybe you require it for your booming business? Alternatively, maybe you’re relocating and need to handle that monstrous move? From taking that thrilling, open-road adventure to simply stowing away some of your precious cargo, a first-rate trailer can be nothing short of an asset of unmatched value.

As Allentown residents, I’m sure you’re familiar with our rich transportation heritage and the world-famous Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. Living in such a vibrant city filled with continuous hustling and bustling, I can understand why you value a resilient trailer so much. Resting just around 90 miles away from Allentown, in the heart of Chambersburg, PA, it gives us immense pride to say that this is the place where you will find the perfect trailer to suit all your needs. Have faith in us, we’re here to get you rolling smoothly! I am thrilled to present our extraordinary range of trailers to my dear Allentown companions! Oh, we’ve got quite the selection for you!

  • Dump trailers: These gems are nothing short of perfection for challenging construction jobs, large-scale garden projects, and for conveying hefty objects.
  • Equipment trailers: These trailers are just what you need for conveying big machinery or oversized tools.
  • Car haulers: Considering moving cars cross-country or to a car exhibit? Say less! These trailers are precisely what you need.
  • Gooseneck trailers: If stability is what you seek, look no further. These trailers are excellent for transporting overwhelming loads.
  • Livestock trailers: Mindfully designed to keep your precious animals safe and secure during journeys.

Now, at Brechbill Trailer Sales, we hold a strong belief in the quality of our trailers. We feel a swell of pride to associate ourselves with some of the most renowned names in the trailer industry, such as Bwise, Big tex, Bravo, Valley, Belmont, Southland, Eby, and Flat Trak. These brands are nothing short of an embodiment of impeccable craftsmanship, relentless durability, and efficient design.

Allentown: A History Rooted in Transport

I’m sure you, as residents of Allentown, understand the significance of dependable transportation systems. This city, with its historical importance as a major transport hub during the industrial revolution, appreciates the value of good trailers. Hence, our trailers aren’t just equipment, they are an addition to the rich transport legacy Allentown is recognized for. Whether it’s supporting businesses in the vibrant downtown commercial district or assisting families with their Great Allentown Fair finds, our trailers are vital cogs in the journeys undertaken by Allentown residents.

Supporting Local Businesses

Not to forget, we take immense pride in backing local businesses. Be it construction companies requiring sturdy trailers to transport equipment or local farms needing to safely carry their livestock to farmers markets, we cater to diverse trailer needs in Allentown. We’re all about keeping businesses on the move, contributing to the thriving growth of our beautiful community!
So when you invest in a quality trailer from Brechbill Trailer Sales, you essentially choose reliability and peace of mind. Come, visit us today and be a part of the dynamic Allentown movement.

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Reasons Why Allentown, PA Locals Trust Brechbill Trailers for Their Purchases

Curious about why the folks in Allentown consistently choose Brechbill Trailers for their trailer needs? Well, it all boils down to our dedicated commitments and individual qualities that make us a fixture in the community. Here are some of the reasons that have helped us garner this loyal following: 1. Our Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff: Without a doubt, one of our pride and joys is our incredible team. They’re more than just friendly faces; they’re well-versed in everything we offer! They invest time in getting to know you and your requirements, ensuring you find the ideal trailer.
2. Live Inventory: Seen it on our website? That means it’s right here, ready for you. With over 350 trailers in stock at all times, we’ve got a selection that’s tough to beat. You’ll always have a world of options to choose from.
3. Transparent Pricing: At Brechbill Trailers, there’s no room for guesswork. We operate on a principle of transparent pricing – no hidden costs. And that’s not all – our competitive pricing means you’re always getting an unbeatable deal.
4. Customizable Solutions: We believe that every customer has unique needs, and our solutions reflect that. Whatever your specific trailer requirements may be, we tailor our offerings to fit perfectly.
5. Long-Standing Industry Experience: Trust us, we know our stuff. We’ve been around the block, and we’ve picked up vital insights along the way. Our strong reputation within the Allentown community stands as a testament to our industry acumen.

Our sterling reputation within Allentown didn’t just happen overnight. It’s borne out of our singular focus on providing superior services along with our deep-seated knowledge of the trailer business. It’s also a reflection of our undying commitment to the satisfaction of our customers. We heartily welcome you to browse through our distinguished online inventory and experience the fabled Brechbill Trailer difference for yourself. Got a question or two? Don’t hold back! Feel free to reach out to us at 717-262-6383. Our affable team is always on standby, eager to assist you. Make us your top pick for your next trailer purchase and warmly welcome yourself into the ever-growing Brechbill family.