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See the most popular trailers we sell like the Scout and Hero Series along with the top-of-the-line Icon enclosed cargo trailer. Find the best, enclosed box trailer for you here. Dare to compare some of our all-time bestselling high-quality enclosed trailers right here. After you know what you need, see our live inventory to buy your trailer now. Get quotes or live support by giving us a phone call or sending us an email. We always have an enclosed trailer in stock on the lot just for you. If you are a contractor hauling tools and supplies to the job site or looking to haul racecars, golf carts, or things you need to keep dry, you will find the perfect enclosed trailer here. A Bravo trailer gives you the most options, features, upgrades, and overall best quality enclosed trailer.

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Best Enclosed Trailer Series

The Icon Premium Enclosed Trailer – Best Quality

It is the biggest, best, and most customizable high-quality trailer out there. ICON is the exceptional trailer that has it all in both steel and aluminum frames. Better design, workmanship and options make ICON the trailer to have. In addition to the Bravo Big 10 plus 5 commercial construction features a long list of features come standard on ICON. Custom polished castings, aluminum wheels, polished extruded aluminum fenders, rear ramp door with stainless steel paddle latches, a fully finished interior with aluminum walls and black coin floor, a beefy tube frame and much more. ICONs are available in tags and stackers from 20′ to 34′ and goosenecks from 36′ to 52′. Don’t be afraid to dream, ICON has the longest list of custom options and packages available. This is the best enclosed trailer out there!

Bravo Trailers ICON Aluminum Trailer Super Tall Tri Axle Double Side Doors 4
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Bravo Scout Blue and Dove Gray V Nose Cargo Enclosed Trailer 1
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The Scout Enclosed Cargo Trailer – Most Popular!

By far the most popular enclosed trailer we sell is the Bravo Scout trailer. If you’re in the market for an economical cargo trailer, yet built to stand up to years of use, Scout is for you! The best thing about scout trailers is that there is always a model to fit your needs. You are going to find 10 different Bravo Scout models to choose from. Length is the biggest difference in each model and all the different sizes can be fitted with loads of custom options. Get an extra 6” inches added to your overall height or upgrade your trailer with aluminum wheels. You can add ladder racks, E-track, windows, a ramp door, and even cabinets. Bravo Scouts are just about the best priced enclosed trailers we have for the quality and variety of sizes and options.

The Hero Enclosed Box Trailer – A good start!

Hero enclosed trailers might be the best starter trailer for you. These are low priced good trailers with fewer options but a great overall trailer. They have an all-steel frame with reinforced rear cross members and A-frame. You will get LED lights with the option of double rear doors or a ramp door. Hero enclosed cargo trailers come in three different models, 5’ wide, 6’ wide, and 7’ wide. This is the best economy grade trailer.

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In-Stock Trailers for Sale

Finding the right trailer for sale near you takes a lot of time. Researching and finding the right one for you can be hard. Brechbill Trailer Sales makes that job as easy as possible. Just click on the category you need, and easily find the correct trailer for sale with the filters and place a down payment. It is as simple as that!

Available to Order!

Check out these online catalogs. If you cannot find the trailer you need in stock, we can probably order it for you. Most trailers can be customized just for you and be ready to pick up in just a few short weeks. We have access to tons of styles, options, and sizes of trailers. Check out these catalogs to see what you can find!

Brechbill Trailer Sales Offers Many Sizes and Styles of Enclosed Trailers

Brechbill Trailer Sales provides a wide variety of enclosed trailer models to fit every need. Starting off is our Hero series that start at an amazing price range and can come with a few options and special upgrades, there is a couple different sizes to choose from also. Our mid-range enclosed trailers for sale is our Scout and Star line up. These are the best most popular trailers we offer, coming with loads of great customizations to choose from. Scout provides extra height, ramp doors, barn doors, lighting options, tie downs and more! But if you are looking for the ultimate enclosed trailer, look no farther then the Bravo Icon. These are fully loaded trailers with the best options, upgrades, and packages. Get A/C, heat, windows, cabinets, an awning, generators, electrical packages, toolboxes, winches, and much more! You are bound to find the best enclosed trailer for you when you buy an Icon.

We Make it Quick and Easy

At Brechbill Trailer Sales our goal is to make your trailer purchase easy. We do in-house trailer registration and trailer financing. Trailer delivery and pickup are also provided at your request…just ask us about it.

Order Your New or Used Trailer Online

Unlike any other dealer, we make it much easier to purchase your new or used trailer online. When you find the perfect trailer for your needs, buy it right here on our website. Place a down payment to secure your trailer so it is here when you get here to pick it up. Our trailers sell fast and with the ability to buy trailers online make them go even faster! See our live inventory right here, full of a huge selection of all kinds of new and used trailers for sale ready to be bought online now.

What You’ll Find at Brechbill Trailer Sales LLC.

If the budget is tight but you need a trailer, look no farther than to Brechbill Trailer Sales. We have a huge selection of new and used trailer at great prices!

Here is where you can find the largest selection of new & used trailers from some of the most trusted and well-known brands in America. We always have time to get you set up with the right trailer for you. All our new & used trailers online come with a fresh inspection leaving you with a reliable trailer ready to get some work done.

If you do want to rent, we can help you there too! Check out our Rent-A-Rig Page and see what we have available today. Nevertheless, if you’re a homeowner looking to haul firewood or a new construction or landscaping business just getting off your feet and don’t want to put a burden on your finances. Buying a used trailer may be your best bet. Buying a used trailer offers you with all the benefits of a new trailer yet at a less expensive price point.