Biggest Challenges in Buying a Trailer

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When making a trailer purchase, here are some of the things you want to be prepared for. A good dealership will be there to help you through this process, but by being prepared, you can make your buying experience more enjoyable.

As you’d expect, a lot of the difficulties people experience have to do with customer service. The best salespeople will look out for your needs. But even the most well-meaning salesperson is still human.

Sorting Through the Options

Even within one type of trailer, such as dump trailers, there are so many different brands and options. Having such a wealth of options can paralyze us when we go to make a decision.

The more you know what your needs are, the more likely you’ll be to find what you want. That doesn’t necessarily mean you know exactly what kind of trailer you’re going to drive off the lot, though. For example, if your main need is to haul around a lawn tractor, either a utility trailer or an enclosed trailer might fit your need.

Still, if you can communicate what you need, a salesperson will have an easier time helping you find the trailer that fits you. Come prepared to tell them what tasks you’re hoping to do with the trailer. The salesperson will have a much easier time helping you find a trailer that fits. They can even use their expert knowledge to suggest options that will make your job easier.

Of course, the options aren’t the only thing you need to think about. Early in your conversation, let the salesperson know if you have

  • A time crunch—do you need the trailer today? Do you need to be out of there in half an hour?
  • A budget—do you have a tight budget, or are you ready to get the optimum product?
  • Concerns about long-term durability—do you want the high-end trailer with thicker sidewalls, or will a lower-end model work?

You don’t want to drive out of the lot with more (or less) trailer than you need. The better you communicate, the better the salesperson can help you.

Relating to Salespeople

Unless you’re pretty hard to get along with, you’ve probably had some good experiences working with salespeople. And unless you’re more easy-going than I am, you’ve probably had some bad experiences, too.

The best salespeople really want you to get the product you need. That’s a win-win situation—if you leave happy, you’ll be more interested in considering their company for service or for future purchases. But let’s face it—their livelihood depends on making sales, so there are salespeople out there who mainly look out for themselves. One type you may encounter is pushy salespeople.

No salesperson should push you to make a decision before you’re ready. If you encounter a pushy salesperson, just don’t take their bate.

If they ask you, “Why don’t you want to do such and such?” and you can tell that they’ll argue against your reasons, you don’t owe them anything. Just tell them that “this is the way I prefer doing business” or “I’d rather not say” or “I need to do some research before I commit,” and they need to respect that.

If they push you to buy right now, just tell them you need time to think about the purchase. If you need to step outside to think about it or call a friend, just tell them so.


Most people think about the price of the trailer they’re purchasing, but not everyone considers the finer details of the financing. If you buy a trailer with financing, that can be really convenient. But in the long run, you’ll be paying for that privilege.

Check into the different financing options available to you. See which ones have better interest. Also, consider putting more money down. You aren’t paying interest on that, and it will save you money in the long term. A down payment is once and done. But financing will be with you until you’ve paid it off.

Make Your Purchase Easy

These are the sorts of things that we take into account at Brechbill Trailers. We want to give our customers a seamless buying experience, and we expect our salespeople to help customers find what they actually need.

If you’re in the market for a trailer, feel free to get a quote or contact us!