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Are you hauling firewood, mulch, gravel, or debris? If you want a small but solid dump trailer, look through our options of 6×12 dump trailers. The advantage of a 6′ width rather than 7′ is its portability. The sides of your trailer won’t stick out past your truck, which can help with driving safety, and you can also fit your rig into tighter spaces.



This 12,000 lb. GVWR trailer can take a payload of 9380 lbs.!

6X12 dump trailer combo gate

The 6×12 dump trailer is a great choice for landscapers, builders, and construction contractors. These trailers come in two weight options, 10,000lb. and the 12,000lb. model. Mounted D-rings make it easy to haul your equipment. Equipment ramps are included, and they slide safely under the bed. They’ve got a 2-way combo gate with a chain to adjust them for spreading gravel or mulch.

6×12 trailers are a versatile option for various transportation needs. This size is particularly popular for its compact design, allowing for easy maneuvering on tight construction sites, residential areas, or narrow roadways. The 6×12 trailers can carry different materials and are suitable for hauling vehicles, gardening tools, or heavy construction equipment. They often come with features like heavy-duty axles and reinforced frames, ensuring that they are strong enough to bear heavy loads. Quality construction, corrosion-resistant materials, and watertight seals contribute to their durability and long-term value.

Most 6×12 trailers are designed with drop-down ramps for ease of loading and unloading. The availability of options like removable sides or tarped covers provides further customization. Businesses and individuals favor these trailers for their flexibility and efficiency, making them a common choice in various industrial and personal applications. Whether hauling machinery, moving building materials, or transporting personal belongings, 6×12 trailers prove to be reliable companions on the road.

6×12 dump trailers are essential tools for many professionals in landscaping, building, and construction. These versatile trailers offer great functionality for hauling equipment and materials, but one important aspect to consider is the difference between trailers with low sides and high sides. This article will delve into the specifics of using 6×12 dump trailers and compare these two types of side options.

Low Sides vs High Sides: The Comparison

Low Sides

  • Ease of Access: Low sides provide easier access to the material being transported, which can be especially beneficial when loading and unloading.
  • Weight Advantage: These trailers generally weigh less, which might lead to fuel efficiency and easy handling.
  • Limited Capacity: Low sides offer less vertical storage space, restricting the volume of material that can be carried.

High Sides

  • Increased Capacity: High sides enable you to haul more material as they offer additional vertical space.
  • Enhanced Security: With higher sides, materials are less likely to spill or shift during transport, ensuring safety.
  • Potential Accessibility Challenges: High-sided trailers may make loading and unloading more difficult, requiring additional equipment or effort.
Blue Bri-Mar Dump Trailer 6x12 High Sides

Applications and Utility

6×12 dump trailers, whether with low or high sides, are used widely in different scenarios:

  • Landscaping: They are vital for transporting mulch, gravel, soil, and various landscaping materials.
  • Construction Sites: These trailers can haul construction debris, machinery, and building materials with ease.
  • Residential Use: Homeowners may find them useful for DIY projects or moving large, bulky items.

Key Features

  • Mounted D-rings: Makes it easy to secure your equipment.
  • Equipment Ramps: Usually included and slide safely under the bed for easy loading and unloading.
  • 2-way Combo Gate with Chain: Useful for adjusting the gate for spreading materials like gravel or mulch.


6×12 dump trailers are a valuable asset in various fields. The choice between low sides and high sides must align with the specific needs and preferences of the users. Low sides offer accessibility and may be lighter, while high sides provide additional capacity and security. Understanding the advantages and potential drawbacks of each option ensures that you select the best trailer to meet your unique requirements. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a homeowner engaged in a substantial DIY project, the right 6×12 dump trailer can make the job more efficient and manageable.

These trailers have a 12-gauge wall and a 10-gauge floor. Unlike some manufacturers, our BWise trailers have full C-channel floor supports, rather than just bent plate. This lends more strength and less chance of corrosion, for a more durable bed. These are the same trailers that have been sold for years as Bri-Mar Trailers, a quality brand trusted for 27 years. The all-around durability is enhanced with a sealed wiring harness and flush-mount LED lights, for less corrosion and less chance of breaking if you back into something.

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