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Chambersburg, PA. Trailer Rental

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See our selection of rental trailers we have here at Brechbill Trailer Sales in Chambersburg, PA. If you only need a trailer for a day, a few days or even a few weeks, rent it here! Trailer rental is perfect for someone that only needs a trailer every once in a while and won’t be using it all the time. It might not be worth you buying a brand new trailer if you can just rent one a day here and there. Maybe you are moving and need to use an enclosed cargo box trailer to haul your things and keep them dry. If your car brakes down or you are hauling it to a show, our car hauler rental trailer might come in handy. We have dump trailers for those spring and fall projects like mulching and landscaping. You can use the dumps for small construction projects and hauling topsoil, stones, or slate.

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Find trailers for rent right here on our website. Rent Enclosed cargo trailers and dumps. If you need a car hauler, we have that too! Chose which one you need then check and see if it is available. You can check this on the page for each trailer, scroll to the bottom of the description to check availability. When you find a date that words simply click on the “Reserve Now” button located on the page of each individual trailer. Remember to make a reservation so you can be sure it will be here when you show up. You can walk in and rent however we can not guaranty what you need is going to be on the lot.

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Your number one trailer rental in Chambersburg, PA. Check availability and place a reservation right here on our website. We try to make the rental process as easy as possible. If you are moving, we have different size enclosed trailers to fit your needs. Our car hauler trailer is great for pulling all shapes and sizes of cars. Looking to do some yard work or landscaping for the day? We have bri-mar dump trailers just for you. Our most popular trailer rental is our Car Hauler. All of our rentals can also be purchased as new trailers from our sales team.

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