Top Hat Deck Over Equipment Trailer

The main differences on the Top Hat deck over equipment trailers is the gross axle weight rating (GAWR) and trailer length. depending on what you are hauling the GAWR is one of the most important things you are going to need to look for. You don’t need to worry about the width of your choice of Top Hat trailer because there are only three different sizes of decks. You can find an 84”, 96” and a wide 102” deck, giving you the most area to haul the biggest loads! Another important thing you will have to decide is whether you need a gooseneck or a bumper pull. Top Hat provides deck over gooseneck models and deck over bumper pull models. This gives you the option to chose what fits your needs the best!

Top Hat Deck Over Gooseneck Equipment Trailers

Top Hat Deck Over Low Pro Gooseneck Equipment Trailers

Top Hat Deck Over Bumperpull Equipment Trailers

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