UFP by Dexter DB-35 Disc Brake Pad Kit, Complete AXLE Set, (K71-157-00)

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  • Fits Dexter/UFP 089-135-00, 089-136-00, 089-236-00, 089-013-00, and 089-012-00 Series Calipers
  • UFP Part # DB-35
  • Dexter Part # 091-007-00
  • Set of 4 Pads to service 1 Axle
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Product Description:

UFP by Dexter DB-35 Disc Brake and Pad Kit, Complete AXLE Set, (K71-157-00)

Brake Disc and Pad Kit are essential for enthusiasts seeking superior performance! The UFP by Dexter DB-35 Disc Brake Pad Kit, Complete AXLE Set (K71-157-00) is designed to revolutionize your braking experience. If you have any questions about this exciting kit, don’t hesitate to call us at 717-262-6383. Our experts are always eager to guide you!

  • Organic Disc Brake Pads for UFP DB-35 Caliper
    NOTE: The old design of pads had a clip on the inner pad. This is NOT required for proper braking function.
  • Pads are interchangeable (inner and outer).
  • Durable, long lasting organic brake pads are able to withstand high temperatures, maintaining their strength and integrity for longer than either NAO or semi-metallic models.

A New Era of Braking Efficiency

This performance-oriented kit is meticulously designed for durability and optimal braking performance. Its construction is unique and reliable, offering a rare blend of excellent braking capability and longevity. Specifically, it utilizes Organic Disc Brake Pads for the UFP DB-35 Caliper – renowned for their extraordinary resilience and thermal resistance.

Key features of this Product include:

Durability: Made from organic materials, these brake pads can withstand high temperatures. This capability preserves their strength and integrity longer than Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO) or semi-metallic models.

Versatility: Pads are interchangeable, allowing flexibility in use. This feature also enhances the lifespan of the kit, ensuring maximum utility.

Simplicity: The old design of pads had a clip on the inner pad, but it’s no longer necessary. The removal of the clip does not affect the braking function, simplifying the design without sacrificing effectiveness.

Enhanced Safety with the Brake Disc and Pad Kit

The Brake Disc and Pad Kit enhances your vehicle’s safety by providing reliable, efficient stopping power. High-quality materials ensure that the brake pads retain their effectiveness, even in high-temperature conditions. This reduces the risk of brake fade, enhancing safety and reliability.

Ultimately, the UFP by Dexter DB-35 Disc Brake Pad Kit is a cutting-edge solution for drivers seeking the best braking performance. Its reliable design, organic materials, and high-temperature tolerance make it a stand-out option. Don’t wait – optimize your braking system today! Remember, our team is only a phone call away at 717-262-6383, ready to answer your questions.

Whether you’re upgrading your vehicle or replacing old components, this high-quality kit is sure to enhance your driving experience. It’s not just about ensuring safety but also about embracing quality and longevity.


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Based on 11 reviews
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  1. DS

    Fits like a charm. I put it on a UFP DB-35 caliper that’s on a magic tilt aluminum trailer.

  2. DS

    Easy to install, beach ready

  3. MM

    This fits perfectly on my 2017 Acme Ezee Tow Car Dolly with surge brakes. I wasn’t sure if it would fit until I bought and installed them on my car dolly. They worked great as a replacement for the worn-out ones it originally came with.

  4. SG


  5. DC

    Paid a bit extra for fast shipping and it arrived just when they said it would through US Mail Priority. However, there was no clip included as the picture and description showed. No worries, though, we managed to make it work.


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