Product Description:

Rear View Safety Wireless Magnetic Hitch Camera for Easy Hitching of Trailers, Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels, (RVS-83112)

  • Digital wireless connection provides an uninterrupted signal for up to 70ft
  • Camera comes with magnetic base for instant mounting and removing
  • Hitch camera is completely waterproof (IP68) with infra-red night vision
  • 3.5 Inch LCD Color Display plugs right into 12V power port in vehicle
  • Installs in minutes – ready to use right out of the box – no screws necessary
  • Camera: 4″ (H) x 3″ (L) x 1.50″ (D)
  • Monitor: 3″ (H) x 3.50″ (L) x 1″ (D)
  • Note: Due to the higher current draw of this product, Alkaline or Lithium 9V batteries are highly recommended
  • The RVS-83112 includes a full year warranty
  • instruction-manual
  • spec-sheet

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Based on 5 reviews
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  1. T

    This gadget works just how it’s meant to. I picked it up since I’ve got a terrible neck and it hurts like crazy to look over my shoulder. I took this thing out of its box, threw in a 9-volt battery into the camera and switched it on. Then I stuck it to the back of my pick-up. Next up, I plugged the screen into one of those 12-volt sockets, switched it on, and it booted up with no issues. The view’s pretty darn clear too! I tried it on my tractor as well, and it worked like a charm.

    I gotta admit, I’m a bit worried the magnet ain’t gonna hold up. So, before I take it for a spin in the field on my tractor, I think I’ll use a tie wrap to secure the camera to my ride. I definitely don’t want to be hunting for the camera in the field if the magnet gives up on me. I guess I’ll have to try it on my skid steer next, which is a bit more of a squeeze to look out of.

    I love that I can easily move this unit around, so I can back up to a bumper hitch or a 5th wheel or goose-neck hitch. Heck, I have even taken it inside a trailer to keep an eye on my cattle.

    The screen turned out to be smaller than I expected. It’s 3.5″, but man, it’s small! At 63-years-old with a bad neck and old, tired eyes that aren’t what they used to be, this little screen is a bit tricky to see. If I could get a larger screen, I would jump at the chance. It’s the screen size alone that stopped me from rating it a solid 5.

    Apart from the screen size, this product is fantastic and the idea is a winner.

    I’ve got an update though: I found that you can adjust the screen’s brightness and that really helped me out. So now, I gotta upgrade my rating to 5 stars. It only seemed fair.

  2. N

    Keep an eye out for my future comments after I’ve given this thing a proper test. Right now, I’ve just connected this bad boy to my truck and the picture is great, apart from a flimsy battery clip and gasket on the camera. I reckon I’ll be able to hitch my camper to my truck hitch easily on the first try if it keeps going like it did in my test today. I got it at a good price and just wanted something to help me hitch up our camper. To be honest, my wife isn’t the best at guiding me when I’m reversing. So far, this thing is exactly what I needed and a little bit more! It is made in China, so go figure. The set-up is pretty easy and the picture clarity is top-notch. After popping in a 9V battery (which is not included with this thing), I just had to plug the monitor into my truck’s lighter jack and switch it on. At this point, I’d totally recommend this to anyone who needs to hitch up a trailer or park it in a tight spot.

  3. JH

    You won’t believe how excited I am! Picture me – a grumpy old lady who loves horses, drives a 15-year-old truck, and is pretty much broke. I’ve got a few bad disks in my neck and no one around to help me hitch up. But I’m telling you, no more stressing out and hurting my neck, no more jumping in and out of my truck countless times, no more upsetting my horses with my swearing. This camera is an absolute lifesaver.

    For all you who say the bendable neck on the monitor isn’t long enough, just buy an auxiliary with a long cord. My auxiliary has 4 ports and 2 USB ports, so I can put the monitor wherever. I put mine right above the steering wheel on the dashboard, but it works just fine in the regular lighter socket too.

    And hey, bonus for all us horse lovers – you can plop the camera in your horse trailer so you can keep an eye on your horses while driving. Yeah, you might burn through some batteries (manual says a 9V lasts 3-5 hours), but it’s so worth it if you’ve got a sick horse or a mare and foal.

    What’s really cool is that if your trailer’s made of aluminum, the camera comes with stick-on Velcro for extra mounting options. And guess what? This is a digital frequency, not analog like some other brands, so there’s no interference from Bluetooth, GPS, or other 2.4 GHz electronics.

    When I first got the camera, I had a few questions and actually talked to a rep from the company. Let me tell you, it was an awesome experience. I mean, they were just so pleasant and knowledgeable.

    So, if you’re considering getting a hitch camera, you’re definitely not gonna be disappointed with this one. I mean, it’s such a good deal – big color screen, rotating views, it’s waterproof, and so easy to use. I absolutely love it!

  4. MS

    I got this for hooking up my trailer to my car. The camera has a real strong magnet but, funny enough, my car’s made of aluminum and fiberglass, not steel, so it doesn’t stick on anything except the hitch. That’s useless though, as the hitch ball gets in the way of the camera. I tried sticking it on the trailer tongue facing the car but got a mirror image so wasn’t sure which way to go when reversing. Also, the darn thing was too low so I only see the hitch when I’m practically touching it, making adjustments a total shot in the dark. Now, I stick it on the back of my trailer for reversing. I mean, it’s okay, but it doesn’t have those helpful guideline things most backup cameras have. Too expensive for what it is, really. I picked up a cheaper one for my car and got it fitted properly.

  5. JG

    Super simple to use. The backup view is nice and clear. Plus, it arrived in a neat package.


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