Dexter E-z Flex Suspension Kit, (K71-653-00)

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Product Description:

Dexter E-z Flex Suspension Kit, (K71-653-00)

Replaces  your standard equalizers with rubber shock-absorbing equalizers.  These rubber shock-absorbing equalizers bring you a smooth, comfortable ride

  • Tandem-axle trailers with 1-3/4″ wide double-eye leaf springs
  • For 35″ axle spacing
  • Axles up to 8000 lbs. capacity
  • Works with 26″ Double eye springs 
  • Requires no welding, grinding, or cutting of the trailer frame or axle hangers
  • Wet bolts have built-in grease zerks
  • Equalizer dimensions: 2-7/8″ tall
    • 7-11/16″ Long from center hole to center hole
  • Shackle strap length: 2-1/4″ from center hole to center hole
  • Bolt hole diameter: 9/16″
  • Kit includes:
    • 2 E-Z flex equalizer assemblies
    • 8 Shackle strap assemblies – shackle straps with wet bolts
    • 4 Shoulder bolts
    • 2 Press bolts
    • 12 Flange nuts
    • 2 Hex locking nuts


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  1. Well built

  2. Super sturdy! It’s a breeze to set up. The Zirc fittings make upkeep a piece of cake.

  3. Honestly, that stuff the manufacturer makes is just a bunch of junk. You won’t even be able to compare it with this. Trust me, this one’s loads better than those original parts.

    Alright, here’s a quick tip for when you’re installing it. First, you gotta kinda lift the frame, wheels off the ground, right? Then, use the jack under the axle, either lower or raise it, whatever you need to do.

    Oh, and I’d recommend you put in these “wet bolts” from the inside. That way, you can lube them up without dealing with the hassle of pulling the wheels off.

  4. The upgrade was super cool and super easy to install. Knocked out both sides in 3 hours. The trailer’s handling bumps and uneven roads like a champ now – totally worth every penny and minute spent. The kit arrived in perfect condition and shipping was speedy too.

  5. This top-notch stuff is from an awesome maker. You can totally feel the difference it makes when towing my trailer.


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