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Bri-Mar Equipment Trailer

Bri-Mar’s line of Equipment trailers are available for almost any implementation. A Bri-Mar equipment trailer is perfect for commercial and noncommercial uses. Bri-Mar designs and builds heavy duty deck over equipment trailers for the professionals and larger companies. Also, you will find lighter duty more affordable fender style equipment trailers for the average homeowner or small business. Bri-Mar constructs all their trailers from the heist quality steel and uses there multimillion-dollar paint both to powder coat each one. Whether you are hauling heavy equipment or pulling construction supplies Bri-Mar has a trailer for you. Shop the huge selection of available models here or go to our live inventory pages to see everything we have on the lot!

Please Note!
The Bri-Mar brand is being discontinued and replaced with similar BWise models.


HDLS Series

HDLS Bri-Mar Equipment Trailer

Bri-Mar HDLS Series Raised Rail Fender Style Equipment Trailers

Bri-Mar’s EHLS Series equipment trailers come with a 12” raised rail.

Bri-Mar EHELE Series Regular Duty Fender Style Equipment Trailers

Bri-Mar’s EHLE Series fender style equipment trailers have a lighter design. This is the model you will need for your light compact tractor, skid steer, and similar small equipment. All the EHLE models come with 5” channel main frame rails and 3” channel crossmembers. You will find a wooden deck to be standard alone with a front stop rail.

EHELE Series

Bri-Mar Equipment Trailers EH18-10ELE

EH Series

Bri-Mar EH Series Equipment Trailer (EH20-16-HD) 1

Bri-Mar EH Series Heavy Duty Fender Style Equipment Trailers

The heavy-duty low-profile fender style EH Series Bri-Mar equipment trailer is perfect for hauling just about anything you need. Haul heavier equipment, skid steers, tractors, cars, trucks, and building supplies such as lumber, steel or aluminum. The GVWR of the EH Series ranges from 10K to 16K options and comes standard with 6” and 7” channel main frame rails, depending on the model. Some available options for the EH Series are galvanized finish, pallet fork holders, heavy-duty split landscape gates, pintle rings, hydraulic surge brakes, and an optional gooseneck.

Bri-Mar EH8 Series Heavy Duty Deck Over Equipment Trailers

Look to the Bri-Mar EH8 Series deck over equipment trailer for equipment hauling exceeding 82”. EH8 Series equipment trailer comes with up to a 4’ dovetail and 6’ ladder ramps to help make loading simple.  The deck over style gives you more ground and allows for a much wider load do to the fact that the wheels are below the deck.

EH8 Series

EH* Bri-Mar Equipment Trailer

EH8LE Series

Bri-Mar Equipment Trailer

Bri-Mar EH8LE Serie Deck Over Equipment Trailers

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