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Bri-Mar Dump Trailer

Bri-Mar has a dump trailer for almost any application and use. From our R Series for the do-it-yourself homeowner to our LPHD commercial lines. Bri-Mar offers the nation’s largest selection of dumps to ensure every trailer need is covered. Use Bri-Mar dumps for construction purposes and landscaping. Dump trailers are great for hauling equipment or supplies to and from the jobsite. From smaller models for simple carries to over-built heavy-duty monsters that can carry and dump more than 20,000 pounds, Bri-Mar has the dump trailer to complete your job. Choose from a large range of gate options and select the ideal kind of lift to dump your typical load. Bri-Mar dump trailers offer unbeatable variety for exceptional value. Dump trailers use hydraulics to lift the trailer bed from its frame, making unloading heavy hauls easy and efficient.

Please Note!
The Bri-Mar brand is being discontinued and replaced with similar BWise models.


R Series

Bri-Mar R Series Dump Trailer` - Bri-Mar Dump Trailer 72x10'x10K (DTR610LP-10) black - black mod wheels

Bri-Mar R Series Light Duty Dump Trailers

The Bri-Mar R Series is a great entry level dump trailer for the homeowner, farmer or light duty landscaper. Great for mulch, yard cleanup and debris as well as smaller stone and dirt hauling jobs. A wonderful trailer that will be ‘lighter’ on your pocketbook. The Bri-Mar R Series dump are one of our most popular models.




Bri-Mar LP LE Series Regular Commercial Duty Dump Trailers - Channel Frame

Designed for midsize commercial work, the LP LE Series is built to get the job done. The LP LE Series comes with 3” hydraulic cylinders all the way up to twin telescopic cylinders. Choose from a variety of available capacities starting at 7,000 lbs. GVWR through 14,000 lbs. GVWR. Bri-Mar builds the LP LE Series dumps all with a 6” channel main frame to provide the most strength and prevent twisting and bending of your dump trailer frame.

LP LE Series

Bri-Mar LE Series Dump Trailers Htone Gray

LP Series

Bri-Mar LP Series Regular Commercial Duty Dump Trailers - Tube Frame

The LP Series is created for regular commercial work. Get the job done the right way with the LP Series dump trailer. Choose from a variety of available capacities starting at 5,000 lbs. GVWR through 12,000 lbs. GVWR. Bri-Mar builds the LE Series dumps with 6” and 5” tube main frames to provide a strong and sturdy build.



Bri-Mar LPHD Series Heavy Duty Commercial Duty Dump Trailer

Bri-Mar’s LPHD Series dump trailer is built for the serious contractor. When you have a job that requires a heavy-duty industrial grade trailer, look to the LPHD Series dumps. Available in 12’, 14’, and 16’ models you can be sure to find something to work for you. Check out the 16’ tri-axle for the biggest and toughest tasks, it comes with a staggering 21,000 lbs. GVWR!

LPHD Series

Bri-Mar LPHD Series Dump Trialer 81.5x16'x14K (DT716LPHD-14)

DP Series

Bri-Mar DP Series Dump Trailer DT610-10-DP Black 1

Bri-Mar DP Series Deck Over Dump Trailer

Deck over dump trailers give you a little more ground clearance. Whether you are hauling firewood, mulch, landscaping materials, building supplies or even a trailer load full of junk, a deck-over dump trailer could be just what you need. With fold down sides the DP Series dump trailers make it easy to access whatever items you have loaded. Easily remove skids right from the side of your trailer. The DP Series Bri-Mar dump trailers are built with standard 6” tube main frame rails and 3” channel cross members.

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