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Bri-Mar Car Trailer

There are two Series of Bri-Mar Car haulers. Simply put the Bri-Mar CH Series are all fix deck car trailers. You will find an open deck and full deck models ranging from 7K to 10K GVWR in this series. Whereas the CHT Series trailers are power tilting car haulers. The CHT comes in two different models, the first being an 18-foot 7K tilt deck and the second being a 20-foot 10K hydraulic tilt car trailer. Car hauler trailers make it possible to pull your race cars, antique vehicle, a broken-down car or truck, small equipment and lots more. Bri-Mar builds all its car haulers out of the highest quality steel on the market, delivering a top of the line premium built trailer.  

Please Note!
The Bri-Mar brand is being discontinued and replaced with similar BWise models.


CH Series

Bri-Mar CH Series Fix Deck Car Hauler Trailers

Removable fenders are standard, and you have the option for an open deck or full deck. The CH Series Bri-Mar car-haulers are great for pulling all kinds of vehicles and small equipment. For unloading, you will be equipped with two 5’ punched metal slide-out ramps and the option for a winch. A winch can make it easier to load a car or truck that is not in working order.

Bri-Mar CHT Series Power Tilt Car Hauler Trailers

Going hydraulic is a good idea if you don’t want to be moving heavy ramps around all the time. The tilting feature is a great way to make the loading and unloading process much faster. Combined with the optional winch you will be all set up, the right way. Also, comprising removable fender which gives you simpler vehicle accessibility. The CHT comes in two sizes, an 18ft. 7K and 20ft. 10K model.

CHT Series

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